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8 Postpartum Blogs for New Moms

8 Postpartum Blogs for New Moms

Online sources are incredibly useful for first-time moms, especially in this time of the pandemic. If you’re looking into creating a blog in this niche, there are actually several areas that you can cover on your website. Remember that blogs like this usually offer not just information and tips but also support to new moms who are taking on this path of motherhood. It’s a surreal feeling and can be overwhelming, so making sure that your blog can be their safe, supportive space is important. Here are some postpartum blogs for new moms that you can check out for inspiration.

Swaddles n’ Bottles

Swaddles n’ Bottles is kind of a one-stop blog for all things related to new motherhood. Readers can find practical pieces of advice not just on pregnancy but also on postpartum body and breastfeeding. The posts include pumping tips as well as baby tips. Articles are organized by stages of pregnancy and postpartum. So if you have a general overview of all things postpartum, this website is a great example of how your blog can look like.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Postpartum is so much more than just giving birth. Knowing how to take care of a newborn as well as yourself postpartum is essential to both parties’ well-being. If you have knowledge of how new moms can take care of themselves and their bodies postpartum, you might be able to find inspiration in Fit Bottomed Girls when creating your page. It’s an inclusive blog that supports new moms and coaches them not just in terms of motherhood but also in terms of fitness and nutrition.

Baby Chick

From pregnancy to birth and after, Baby Chick offers advice on what it’s like to be a parent. It features tips on how to take care of a baby and to create a lifestyle that would best suit a mom and a baby’s needs. There’s no solid handbook that teaches anyone how to be a good parent, but this blog aims to empower mothers to be the best that they can be, which is incredibly important in this niche.

Pregnant Chicken

Pregnant Chicken enables readers to have an idea of what to expect when you have a newborn baby. It’s not all serious and there are light anecdotes that make learning about being a new mom fun as well. It has sections specifically for postpartum, new baby, parenthood, and even helping out. This blog even features a category called “Scary Shit.” Going for a lighthearted kind of blog can also help ease the pressure that some mothers may feel postpartum so it’s something you can keep in mind with your blog.

The Fussy Baby Site

Motherhood is extra harder to navigate for new moms when they have a fussy baby. Blog guides like The Fussy Baby Site come in handy during times like this. It offers techniques on how to deal with a colicky baby or one who has high needs. As a blogger, you can provide tips on how to better help their babies fall asleep or keep them entertained.

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The Leaky Boob

Breastfeeding is a full-time job and a lot can go wrong if not done properly. This is why new moms usually try to prepare themselves even before giving birth to make breastfeeding as seamless as possible (if even possible). Blogs like The Leaky Boob offer pieces of advice to make breastfeeding easier for both the mother and the baby. It’s a community where mothers from all over the world support each other with real stories and experiences.

Coffee and Coos

Along with breastfeeding and motherhood, postpartum also comes with the issue of money. For moms who have to work from home or spend money on baby items on a budget, Coffee and Coos is one of the blogs that can help these readers. If you want to be part of this niche, you can write about tips on how to save money on typically expensive baby items and where to buy affordable ones. You can also provide helpful resources on other postpartum topics like breastfeeding, helping babies to sleep, and even CPR for babies.

Mindful Mamas Club

After a child has been born, everyone talks about this new journey of motherhood. However, the topic of postpartum issues that affect mothers such as postpartum depression doesn’t always come up. There are different types of therapy that mothers can take and a lot of them also look for support through postpartum blogs like the Mindful Mamas Club. Mothers who go through this can relate to others’ real-life stories. As a blogger in this niche, you can help moms overcome this issue by providing insights and support.

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