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Aaron Brazell, the Roaming Gnome

Aaron Brazell, the Roaming Gnome

The Blog Herald. Wow. I remember this place back in the day. Looks like there’s some fresh paint, some furniture rearranging… I like that painting on the wall, Matt. Where did you get it? Very impressionistic. Funny, the memories. I’ve always looked at this place on the outside and admired the yard and deck. Always thought that some exterior remodelling could take place, but never anticipated being able to step inside and see the changes inside.

Like I said, my name is Aaron Brazell. I call myself a roaming gnome because I can be found at a number of blogs. I’ve seen my share of controversy and sparked the ire of more than a few people (in comments).

I like to blog at more than one blog, and now for more than one network, because I believe there is a harmony that can be had when bloggers are given a chance to express themselves about the things that they have the most passion for. I approached Matt awhile ago about the chance to blog here, not knowing if I’d have that opportunity. So, I’m pleased to be here today though, and pleased to be given this opportunity.

For the conspiracy theorists among us, despite my role at b5media, this is not a subversive ploy to re-assimilate the Blog Herald into our network.

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But lest I prattle on more and bore readers, I’ll check out for now and say, I love the new look, I love the opportunity to be here, and looking forward to how my contributions move The Blog Herald forward. Cheers, Matt, for having me in. Now get me a beer, before I really get pissed off. ;-)

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  • Hmm, the top of the site instantly reminds me of a Blogger blog with that dark stripe, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

    The newspaper-look is cool (header, date under logo) but the lack of any other serif fonts on the page seems like the metaphors are mixing a bit, especially with the 3D rendered sidebar headings. And can it be considered a footer if it takes up 80% of the page height :)

  • Although I must admit there are a few spaces I would mix and match and change up a few things. The top bar looks cool if they put something up there.

  • We have some tweaking to do yet – I wouldn’t call anything final here until tomorrow morning. We still have a few holes to fill here and there…


  • MAn, I feel self conscious with that big ol’ mug of mine right there on page 1. Somehow it didn’t seem that big when I sent it to you. :o

  • Mike,

    You raised some great points, and I’ve taken them all into consideration (and some into implementation).

    I originally wanted the site to be entirely in serif fonts, and I still think it will look 1000 times cooler if that’s the case. I’d be interested to receive feedback from the community at large regarding that, because in my opinion, serif fonts are what newspapers are all about!

    Anyhoo, I’ll post more about this design on Pearsonified tomorrow, and I’ll shed some light on just about everything. I’d like to add that I have very mixed emotions about the design itself, but as far as the code that drives the site goes? I think it’s slick, and I know that the BH crew now has a wicked publishing tool that is impressively extensible.

  • Chris: Would be good to see screenies of serif v. sans-serif typefacing for this blog. I have a certain empathy toward sans-serif too. I think it’s the new black.

    Jerald: shebang, bud! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. :)

  • I love the design discussion -and I’m looking forward to chris’s post tomorrow with more details ;)

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