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All Bloggers Are Not Alike

All Bloggers Are Not Alike

Have you noticed how all bloggers are often lumped together into one, big, generic group? Like we are all the same?

“Bloggers are”,

“Bloggers do”,

“Bloggers think”.

I have been guilty of this myself.

But think about the vast variety of bloggers you know, you can see we are not really the same at all.

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Even on the blogging about blogging side, I wouldn’t say I was the same as Darren. One of the reasons I think our book worked so well was we complimented each other rather than two authors of the same stripe. We are both different from Brian or John, who are two ends of a making money spectrum.

Amongst just the links I have been sent today by friends I have Miley Cyrus Pictures all the way through to Biogas and Recycling Solutions. No matter what you think of the music stylings of the Disney pop princess, it would be unkind to put her in the same category as rotting vegetable matter … ;)

So do you agree? Can we say “all bloggers” and mean it?

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  • I’m fairly certain, Chris, that beyond saying “All bloggers blog” it’s pretty hard to generalise – just like with *all* other groups of people ;)

  • Why would anyone even generalise in the first place?
    (1)All bloggers are humans
    (2)No two humans are the same.

    So no two bloggers are the same. This applies in all activities carries out by them too.

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