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Aloha Hawaii Geek Week!

Aloha Hawaii Geek Week!

Aloha! I’m heading to Hawaii for the official Hawaii Geek Week October 18-25, 2008. Want to join me?

Actually, it all started with the wonderful coincidence of having two packed weekends of web and blog tech conferences, Mactoberfest with the Hawaii Macintosh and Apple Users Society (HMAUS) on Saturday, October 18, 2008, and the week ending with Podcamp and WordCamp Hawaii on October 24-25, 2008. With so much web tech goodness, more workshops and events were thrown into the calendar.

The Hawaii Macintosh and Apple Users Society (HMAUS) and their Secretary and Ambassador Eugene Villaluz decided to approach the governor of Hawaii to declare Hawaii Geek Week.

The long week of events around Hawaii Geek Week brings together island experts with mainland and international experts in blogging, web technology, photography, video, podcasting, social media, and more. Here are a few highlights:

Podcasters and WordPress fans will get a chance to meet me and , and learn from a lot of local WordPress experts about , , , WordPress Theme and Plugin development, video, social media, and more.

I’ve long been interested in Hawaii culture, especially the how they have learned to overcome a lot of cultural diversity issues and learned to live together in peace. It hasn’t been easy. While the rest of us can spout expertise about social media, the Hawaiians are living it. I’m eager to learn a lot about how they handle conflicts, share, and communicate their passions through blogging and social life, online and off.

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With the world shrinking and the web crossing long standing borders, we have a lot to learn from the Hawaiians. I’ll be sharing many of those lessons here, so stay tuned.

Better yet, come join me!

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  • Aloha Lorelle!

    Mahalo (“thanks” — you’ll here that word a LOT during your stay) for your post and links to the amazing week here on the islands.

    I believe what you’ll find in terms of how so many people, from so many diverse cultures and beliefs have learned to live here is that it’s built into the DNA and Hawaiian Culture. When we first moved here 6 years ago I assumed the “Aloha Spirit” would eventually wear off and everyone’s true nature would reveal itself. Six years later what I’ve learned is that kindness, generosity, and tolerance IS the true nature of the Hawaiian People and its Culture.

    I very much look forward to finally meeting you and discussing all things WordPress, Woopra, and Hawaii.


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