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Are You Just Another WordPress Blog?

Are You Just Another WordPress Blog?

I must have been really bored one day. I went through the Blogs of the Day list on and counted 7 out of 100 blogs with the tagline: Just another blog. Not a bad ratio.

I did a search on Google and found 6,490 with the same tagline on

Looking at self-hosted versions of , Google turned up 12,900, including some articles on how to how to remove “Just Another WordPress Blog” from your WordPress blog.

Last year, on another boring day, the numbers were more than triple that, so people are getting the clue that they need to write a tagline for their blogs.

A tagline is also known as a blog’s subtitle, the words or phrase that describes what your blog is about.

It’s amusing is that some of the top bloggers and businesses using WordPress to run their blogs have not changed their taglines, including FORTUNE: Apple 2.0, FORTUNE: Daily Briefing , and FORTUNE: Big Tech, all very popular blogs run on by CNN.

The problem comes when the WordPress Theme design removes the tagline from the Theme, or buries it beneath a graphic header. Unless it’s visible in the design, people tend to forget it is there.

Changing Your WordPress Blog Tagline

If you are one of those who still has a tagline, or doesn’t know, that reads “Just another WordPress or blog” it’s easy to change.

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  1. In the Administration Panels, go to Options > General Options and look for your tagline.
  2. Change it to something that describes your blog’s purpose. Using clear keywords is helpful to the reader and search engines.
  3. Click Update Options.

WordPress tagline - how to change your WordPress blog title tag line

If your WordPress Theme displays the tagline, it should now be updated. If it isn’t visible, turn off your blog’s CSS in your web browser, or go to View > Page Source or Source and look at the source code view of your generated web page. Scroll down or search for your tagline and if your design supports it, you will see it. So will search engines and the visually impaired or disabled using text reader browsers.

Don’t be just another WordPress blog. Be your own blog. :D

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