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Are you scared of sex?

Are you scared of sex?

One of the most quoted sex bloggers – and I’m talking blogs about sex here, not mammoth posts with PornoTube vids or whatever they do to make you stumble into a subscription porn site, and earn the blogger affiliate money – is Violet Blue. She’s a columnist in a newspaper, works for Gawker Media and the Fleshbot blog, as well as have her own blog, titled Tiny Nibbles.

Oh, almost no link in this post will be safe for work! Click at your own risk…

Moving on, with links.

No matter if you like to read blogs about sex or not, it’s hard to not count them when it’s time for giving out awards. I mean, Fleshbot is the perfect example, the only Gawker blog that’s got more readers is Gizmodo (and that’s gadget porn…), no one else is even close to Fleshbot’s traffic.

Sex sells. Whether you like it or not.

So why isn’t there a sex award in the Bloggies? The question was brought up by Violet Blue (see, I didn’t just namedrop her to seem open and urban, she’s even in Forbes web celeb list) in a recent blog post, and it’s a valid one, at least on the surface.

Sex is a big part of the blogosphere, as it is in the movie industry, but do we see a Best Lesbian Sex Scene Oscar award?

It’s seedy and shady, nasty stuff, if you want to be politically correct. At the same time, sex blogs are a notch over porn flicks, at least to my limited knowledge (there’s probably lots of artsy-partsy stuff out there) on the subject. Again, Violet Blue seems like a good example, since she’s discussing sex in a, too me, pleasant fashion in her Tiny Nibbles blog. Yep, there are videos and images that might be provocative sometimes, but then again we’ve got tits n’ ass on TV as well.

Are we adults or what? Not all of us, so stay clear. Just like the teenage boys who won’t watch hit series Californication (starring David Duchovny, it’s great by the way) since there’s some nudity there, right?

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Sex sells. Pageviews sells. Being politically correct can sell as well.

There’s no real point here. Personally, I’m not the least scared of sex blogs, there are opinions I find a lot more provocative than a sterile picture of a gagged girl.

However, brushing sex as a blog topic under the carpet, trying to ignore it away, feels really silly. And although I understand why the Bloggies doesn’t have a sex category, I also think it’s a bit lame, since there obviously are a lot of interesting discussions out there on the topic.

That sounds more interesting to me than looking at the latest gadget porn from CES, or whatever. Unless it’s something I want, of course…

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  • I TOTALLY agree! Actually I think the Bloggies could use an overhaul in general, adding a sex blog category is just one of the ways it could be improved.

    I have a link to Fleshbot on my blog but it had been a while since I visited it. I’m SO glad I did today because I got to see Smurf porn, and that made my day.

    The Beautiful Kind, sex blogger

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