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Battle Of The Google Reader Apps (There Can Be Only One)

Battle Of The Google Reader Apps (There Can Be Only One)

Update (3/9): Please read the last two paragraphs below for an update about these reviews.

Many, many moons ago in a blog post not so far away their were only handful of iPhone apps for Google Reader.

While most apps took the import only route, only two apps (Byline and Doppler) embraced bidirectional syncing, freeing gReader fans everywhere from dependence on the Google Reader web app.

Fast forward towards today and one will notice that several more challengers have entered the arena. Many of these apps have features that may rival the current gReader champ, Byline (which seems to have taken off after revamping their app last year).

Over the next ten days these gReader apps will be reviewed upon the Blog Herald, with a few of them allowing sneak peaks to updates that have yet to hit the app store.

So for those of you hesitant about exchanging your cold hard cash for some gReader iLove (especially during this global recession), feel free to subscribe to the Blog Herald (via RSS or Twitter) and find out which apps are worth purchasing, and which ones should be passed over.

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Update (3/9): In order to help make it easer for readers to compare applications against each other (as well as the current champ, Byline), I will be linking to a spreadsheet below, highlighting what features are included within each Google Reader App.

Example: Byline vs Google Reader Web App

Also, reviewing all of these apps took a little longer than I thought (as I am a man of details) so expect this to finally end on Friday.

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