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The Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2021

The Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2021

Whether you’re interested in investing in real estate or just doing some research for a real estate-related client, it’s important to be familiar with the world of real estate blogging. Reviewing the top real estate blogs can introduce you to new topics, keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, and help you become an authority when writing about real estate.

The Best Real Estate Blogs

These are some of the best real estate blogs to follow as of 2021:

1. The Close. The Close was designed as a real estate blog meant to help real estate agents get more business (and close more deals – hence the name). If you love the content here, you can also upgrade to a “The Close Pro” account and get access to a more robust library of information.

2. Realtor. As a respected authority in the real estate industry, it’s no surprise that has an impressive blog. There, you’ll find articles covering a range of topics, including how to become a better real estate agent – and how to approach buying or selling a home as a consumer.

3. Keeping Current Matters. Keeping Current Matters targets real estate agents directly, but it has articles covering a host of different subjects since one of its primary goals is helping real estate agents better educate their clients.

4. Jason Fox. Jason Fox’s blog is especially valuable for real estate freelance bloggers because it focuses on content marketing, social media, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies for real estate agents. It can help you serve your real estate clients better – and garner more influence in the real estate community.

5. Zillow Porchlight. One of the most popular real estate blogs in the world from one of the biggest real estate platforms in the world, Zillow Porchlight offers tons of articles from different niches related to real estate. It’s a great source of both knowledge and inspiration so you can serve your real estate clients better.

The Benefits of Blogging About Real Estate

If you’re interested in writing about real estate, you should know there are some impressive benefits you could enjoy in the process:

· Opportunities for ongoing learning. First, writing a blog is the perfect opportunity to do more research, discover new topics, and learn more about the industry. You can write about general topics, like current real estate pricing trends in your area, or about niche topics – like how to list and market a specific type of house. Either way, you can dive into a rabbit hole of information online in your research, then process and present that information to other people. If you do this consistently, you’ll end up becoming much more knowledgeable and experienced in this field – possibly opening the door to investing and further opportunities for revenue generation.

· Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Writing a blog is one of the most important elements of any content marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. If you’re blogging on a client’s real estate agency website, you’ll end up generating more traffic – and hopefully, more business from that client in the future. Plus, spending time in the blogging game can help you better understand new marketing perspectives.

· Networking and community. Blogging is also a great way to meet new people and flesh out your professional network – especially if you’re interested in meeting more people who also blog regularly. As you gain authority and notoriety in the real estate blogging space, you’ll have the chance to meet and talk to other real estate agents and bloggers – as well as investors and other real estate professionals. Whether you’re interested in perfecting your own craft, collaborating with others, landing new clients, or just learning more, this can be valuable.

Landing Your First Real Estate Clients

As you gain more of a reputation in the real estate space (and get more referrals), it will be easy to land more real estate clients – but getting your first real estate clients can be tricky.

Here are some fast tips to help you do it:

· Find a niche for yourself. There are thousands of real estate bloggers out there, all competing for reader attention. If you want a chance of standing out and capturing a segment of real estate clients, you’ll need to find some way to distinguish yourself. Why should someone read your blog and not someone else’s? Consider appealing to a specific demographic or covering a topic that’s rarely covered elsewhere.

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· Write a business plan (or something similar). You may also want to write a business plan for your real estate blogging services. If you don’t like the idea of doing something so formal, you should at least put together an action plan for how you’re going to appeal to (and build) your audience.

· Be prepared to market yourself. Even if your real estate blog work is amazing, it’s not going to generate attention by itself. You’ll need to support your own blog with ongoing marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts. Consider these as part of your strategy and be prepared to make an investment if you want to make a splash.

Direct mail campaigns using tools like Wise Pelican to generate real estate postcards can be a great way to generate listings.

With all real estate marketing campaigns, it’s important that you are incredibly consistent when using direct mail to market yourself as a real estate agent.

· Talk the talk. Real estate agents won’t hire you unless they believe you’re truly an authority in this space. Get familiar with the vocabulary and the latest trends so you can hold an engaging conversation.

Following real estate blogs is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills as a freelance blogger in the real estate space. And fortunately, there are many to choose from. Follow some of your favorites and stay tuned as the markets continue to develop. 

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