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Blog Herald Commenting System Now Back Online

Blog Herald Commenting System Now Back Online

For the past few days we’ve been receiving complaints of comments being blocked or IPs, emails and domains being blacklisted from posting comments. Blame it on overactive spam filters or perhaps oversight on our part. Spam Karma 2 has been blocking most comments recently, and nothing has been able to get through, for some reason.

We have yet to check whether this is due to plugin incompatibilities or other reasons, but for the time being we’ve switched SK2 off. This could lead to some spam comments being published, but we’ll try our best to weed these out. What’s important is that valid comments get through, and on time.

At any rate, folks, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Some of you have been very vigilant about this. Thank you for the reminders. After all, being the Blog Herald we’re supposed to be advocates of open communication through blogs. And it’s also in our comments policy not to pre-moderate or censor comments unless they’re blatantly spam or offensive.

Some of your comments may still be in the moderation threads. As Spam Karma uses a different moderation queue from WordPress’ own, and since the interface does not exactly make it very easy to recover the few valid comments from among the thousands of spam comments, it’s going to take a while. If you think you’d rather re-post your comments, please feel free to do so.

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Again, on behalf of the editor and other contributors here at the Blog Herald, we express our sincere apologies.

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  • Phew! I thought I’d done something wrong at first. :-) Then when I noticed that no articles were getting comments, many of which I would have *loved* to comment on myself (but didn’t, having been shut out twice!), I figured that your spam protection had gone crazy.

    Glad we’re able to do what your writers keep telling us how to get our readers to do more – comment. ;-)

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