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Blog Navigation Innovations

Blog Navigation Innovations

Innovations in blog design are now pretty few and far between. Blog design has pretty much settled into conventions that work. It’s one of the reasons I can be so happy with settling on just the Thesis WordPress theme and why I love it so much.

Every now and then though someone still manages to come out with a tweak or idea that makes me smile.

Check out this idea on the newly redesigned PopCrunch.

PopCrunch - A Celebrity News Tabloid For Celeb Gossip Junkies

Any design needs to communicate

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  • Where you are
  • Why you should care
  • What cool stuff there is to see
  • New stuff for regular visitors

This new design focuses heavily on the content, but also the cross-promotion of content. Visitors will come from search engines but are sure to browse around, making them much more likely to subscribe.

I love it, but what do you think?

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  • Wow, a paid WP theme. I probably would have gone with this if I heard about it a year ago. Instead, I went with K2 and customized the cr@p out of it (not the site found in my link, that’s a different project).

    It would probably take me a couple of weeks of hard work to switch now. Which just goes to show what a good idea this is — WP themes are quite sticky.

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