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Blog Scams: Look Before You Click

Blog Scams: Look Before You Click

As part of my research into blog scams, I ran across a new video by Consumer Reports WebWatch called “Look Before You Click”.

The WebWatch’s ‘Look Before You Click’ Campaign was created with a grant from the New York State Office of Attorney General and uses a cartoon animation and satrical musical verse to educate Internet users about Internet fraud that comes in through email, blogs, and websites.

There has been an dramatic increase in phishing scams via email and websites as well as blogs. Recent reports states that online fraud and phishing scams have “increased more than 3.5 million Americans (a 57% increase from last year) falling victim to phishing schemes and online identity theft throughout the past year. This came at a significant cost of $3.2 billion dollars.”

That’s just in the United States. There are even higher figures around the globe on phishing scams and online identity theft.

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To help protect and make you more aware of the various online scams and shemes, the Consumer Reports WebWatch group has put together PDF files on Ways to Stay Safe Online, Staying Safe on Social Networks, Don’t Get Hooked by Work-at-Home Scams, and how to Protect Yourself from ID Thieves and ‘Freebooters’. Why not share these with a friend or family member, especially the very young and old, to help them learn how to play safe on the web.

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  • Thanks so much for this article. The video was entertaining as well as informative. I enjoyed it. The resource links are valuable too so I’m bookmarking them.
    Best wishes

  • @ timethief:

    With all the help you do on the Forum and the great advice you offer on your blog for new WordPress users, I’m sure these will come in very handy for your readers and fans, my friend.

    Too many people are getting abused by the web, which should be a friendly, safe, and open environment. Okay, I can wish, but with your help, it can improve. :D

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