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Blog Your Passions?

Blog Your Passions?

So you are new to blogging, and have thankfully decided not to chase after high paying keywords just to make a quick buck. Instead, you are going to blog about your hobby or passions. On other posts, I have said this is a great idea, but after reading the article, my wife turned to me and laughed saying, “but you don’t do most of those things anymore…”

The sad part was, she was right. Since changing my passions into what amounts to work, I rarely get time to keep up on all the latest news, as well as taking the time to enjoy actually doing those things.

One of my biggest passions is science fiction, and it has been since I was very young, but in the last two years, I haven’t taken much time to involve myself in the science fiction community, or really stay up to date on what is going on. Another of my biggest passions is technology, another thing I don’t really keep up with today. It seems I only involve myself in these things enough to blog about them, and there has been a shift in my perceptions due to that.

It is with this in mind that I recommend everyone use any time off they have to go back, and take the time to rediscover what made you enjoy your hobbies and passions so much because if all the things you enjoy in life become work, then what’s the point?

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Blogging should be something you enjoy, and an avenue for expression. If it isn’t something you enjoy, take a break, re-assess, and come back with more knowledge and passion than before. We will all be here online when you get back, despite what the “experts” may tell you.

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  • What you say is so true. I had a passion for photography and wanted to learn more about it so I started my dslr blog. This was great until I decided to ramp it up and try to make money off it. All of a sudden the passion died. I am now trying to find the fun in the *hobby* again rather than turn it into yet another business.

  • My passion is music but I found I was struggling to write about it these days. In order to rekindle my passion for writing about music I started a podcast that has allowed me to get back to simply listening to and enjoying rock and roll.

    I just started the podcast but already I am starting to get some cool ideas for the blog. They both seem to feed off of each other.

  • My passion is singing! I am in a band but we are having some diffuculties because of the people in it and because of the music. We dont know what music to put with our songs but we do have some songs. We have about 1 or 2 songs, it depends on what you think. But me and my band want to break up because we like different types of music. So we have to figure things out. ill get back to you.

    yours truly,

  • my passion is going to the mall but most of the time my friends(taylor) dont want too :(


  • my passion is airplanes i love them my favorite airlineer aircraft is the airbus A380 who lanched in singnapor

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