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Blogging Hard or Hardly Blogging

Blogging Hard or Hardly Blogging

One of the things I love about this “job” is the amount of variety, both in the things I do, the opportunities that come along, and the interesting people I get to hang out with. Strange thing is, I am not sure if the blogging part of my life is starting to shrink.

Perhaps it is just a definition thing, but I seem to do less actual blogging now than I have in about ten years.

I create blogs, I consult about blogs, I used blogs, read blogs, but my actual blogging has gone way down.

Part of that is because of social media, especially Twitter. The “what I ate for lunch” aspect of blogging has moved firmly into the 140 character realm. Pictures of my cat go up on Flickr, not my blog. But that’s not all of it. Years ago when I started I was eager to sit down and write, now it seems just what I do.

OK, back then I was a developer working in mostly Microsoft technologies, and blogging I did on the side. Now I ought to be a full time blogger, and the only code I have put together recently was for a credit cards site I am building with my friend Ryan. Coincidentally built using WordPress, but I would challenge anyone to know just by looking at it :)

I think to get my blogging mojo back I need to get guest posting more, get back out there and work that blog thang!

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Do you feel you are blogging less and less? Or have you never blogged more than you do now?

Let me know in the comments ..

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  • My blogging comes in spurts. And funny enough I found this post via Twitter.

    I do similar things that you do such as uploading pics of my cat to flickr yet, I do still upload a fair amount of pics to my blog and post frequently between the two sites as my audience differs tremendously between the two.

    And being an artist with an online shop I do blog about new work regularly. And having Twitter update facebook simultaneously is awesome!

    I hope in 10 years this is still what I do and hope technology continues to advance to make it easier to get what is offline, online.

    nice post!

  • I’m definitely blogging less. Last night I wrote a post about how my social networking has taken time away from my actual blogging. I subscribe to many sites now, my Google Reader is bursting at the seams every day, Twitter chirps for constant attention, even reading my email has become a burden. I feel like somebody always beats me to it when I read about what I planned to write about.

  • @Jessica – I hope I am still involved somehow in this blogging thing in another ten years, because I get so much out of it even before thinking about financial benefits. I guess nothing stays the same very long :)

    @Toni – Don’t hold back from writing about something even if someone beats you to the punch, if you relate your experiences/opinions and put the message across in your own style then there is still value to the post. The only time being scooped is bad is when all you are doing is “just the facts” :)

  • hi Chris,

    I subscribe to your feed and I always enjoy seeing The Herald in my inbox.

    Come on over and do a guest post at Tumblemoose. I’d love to have ya!



  • No, I am not blogging less, but I don’t blog as regularly as I want to. I still enjoy blogging, but I also like to read blogs and to be on twitter, and there’s only a limited space of time…

  • Chris – that is so true… everything is in constant flux these days and we must simply breath and continue creating in ways that make us happy and remain honest while doing so.

  • Since September 2008, I have blogged almost daily on my gardening blog Defining Your Home Garden. The more I write, the more addictive it has become as I am bolder with writing humorous as well as informational posts.

    I’m finding the most joy in writing about others, rather than myself/my garden. I am featuring other gardeners, guest writers, art that is inspired by gardens, as well as interviewing interesting people associated with gardening. When I travel, I look for ways to tie the trip into a gardening topic.

    Freda Cameron
    Garden and Travel Writer
    Defining Your Home Garden

  • I am blogging less in terms of mere quantity of posts, for sure. Part of the reason is that I am focusing on developing threads and/or content with greater depth. I am hoping that in this way I find an easier life/blog balance that I will be able to maintain with endurance. The blog remains, in this way, the centerpiece of my online presence. And, on the twitter front, I am glad to have found hello.txt to proliferate the 140 character messages. I would say that my commenting in other blogs comes in spurts.

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