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Blogging Mistakes: Ten Things to Avoid

Blogging Mistakes: Ten Things to Avoid

There have been many articles written on the mistakes you can make with your blog, but none sum it up as nicely, in my opinion, as the one written by Alan Johnson over on John Chow’s blog.

He provides ten things you can do to ruin your blog, and they are all great tips that everyone looking to monetize their blogs should follow.

1 – Working on something you are not passionate about
2 – Diving right in
3 – Expecting momentum to last
4 – Expecting results overnight
5 – Not promoting your website
6 – Using website promotion as an excuse to ignore content
7 – Doing a bad job of monetizing your website
8 – Putting all of your eggs in one basket
9 – Spreading yourself too thin
10 – Not maximizing results

I have had issues with many of these, and while Alan makes some great points in the post about how you can go about avoiding these issues, there is no real step-by-step guide to making a successful site that will make you a fair bit of money. Blogging is hard work, especially when you are looking to turn a profit. I highly recommend checking this article out if you want a good quick start on what to avoid.

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What would you add to this list, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • I’ve never visited John Chow’s website, so was glad to have had a reason to look. What an unholy mess! Is he aiming to induce seizures, or what? I’ve seen fewer flashing ads in Times Square and Picadilly Circus. Dreadful.

  • If you try to blog for money, chances are you won’t have an interesting blog that keeps readers, which makes you money.
    I started my blog when I was 13 just for fun, and now I have a good reader base. After I had good content and frequent readers, I put ads on. I dont make a lot of money off my blog (havent gotten paid yet, because AdSense only pays per $100), but every day my site gets more hits.

    In contrast my 12-year old stepsister just started a blog and wanted to put AdSense on it the first day she made it (before she had a single post, she looks up to my blog), and it seems all she wants to do is make money. No wonder her content isn’t of a money-worthy quality, she just goes through the motions in hopes of getting enough people so her dad will say yes to ads.

    My idea is that if you do blogging just for money, you are missing out on the community and the heart of blogging.

    And in case you were wondering, my blog is

  • I agree with half of the mistakes, however, I can’t seem to find mistakes related to the way the website actually looks.

    For example look at your google ads… they fit so well within your page that you can click them by mistake and you’re gone… just like that.

    I know the similarity gives you more clicks.. that’s more money, right?… but are you aware that you actually loose decent people for those freakin’ ads? Are you aware of the frustration you causing?

    This is a problem everyone tries to avoid… I know why

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