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Blogging With Conviction

Blogging With Conviction

Whatever you say, say it with conviction.
Mark Twain

Don’t you love reading bloggers who write with conviction? I do.

According to Merriam-Webster, conviction is “a strong persuasion or belief.”

In Are You Blogging Through Rose-Colored Glasses, I wrote asking you if you blogged through colored glasses, a perspective that “colors” your blog writing style and presentation of your ideas. Now, I want to know if you blog with conviction, putting your strong beliefs and power of persuasion into your blog posts.

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Do you?

How to Blog With Conviction

If you want to blog with conviction, here are some tips to consider:

  • Know Thy Subject: In order to blog with conviction, you must know your subject matter. Blog from knowledge, familiarity, and expertise, which gives you the confidence you need to get your point across.
  • Take a Stand: Whatever the blog topic, take a stand on a point of view and hold it, throughout the blog post. You can consider the topic from different angles, but the reader must know your perspective and belief on the subject from the start through the finish.
  • Don’t Give In: There are a lot of wishy-washy bloggers out there, ones who start out strong but then cave in when challenged for their belief or point of view. Stand strong and don’t give it. It’s your opinion. Keep it.
  • Be Honest: Your readers are smart. They can spot a fake in an instant. Be honest and upfront with your belief and opinion. They know when you aren’t sincere or making it up.
  • Use Facts, Not Assumptions: The strongest opinions use facts, not presumptions or assumptions to reinforce the opinion. Make sure you know the facts before you spout your opinion. They will be used against you.
  • Be Ready to Be Challenged: The stronger your opinion, and the more off the center path your opinion is, the more likely you are to be challenged by those who think differently than you. Be ready. Be prepared to accept such challenges publicly on your blog, and know that others may take their issues with your opinion to their blogs. You cannot control what they say, and you have the choice to fan the flames or let them die. Be ready, whichever way the wind blows.
  • Be Ready to Attract Readers: When you take a strong stance on a subject, like-minded readers will be attracted to your blog, possibly in large numbers. Are you ready? Do you have the content and bandwidth to withstand the attention? It depends upon your subject matter, but your opinion might be welcome by many. Be ready.
  • You Choose How and When To Defend Yourself: If the need to defend your published opinion arises, you choose the time and place to defend yourself, as well as the methods. Don’t be challenged to respond before you are ready. The blogosphere is not a real war zone. Respond in your own way, after fully considering all the options at hand. Respond wisely, not irrationally, out of emotion, or as a victim. Be the moral person and take the high road when possible, keeping your convictions and moral values solidly on the ground.
  • Be Willing To Say You’re Wrong: A confident blogger also knows when to say she’s sorry or to back off on a point when the truth stares her in the face. Just because you blog with conviction doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind.
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  • No kidding. And if you’re writing about something everyone agrees on (motherhood is good, terrorism is bad) then you get zero response as well.

  • I’m typically quite opinionated, so I do blog with conviction, but often I’ve had to pull back or partially censor myself so that I don’t offend or come across as having a “holier than thou” attitude.

    I do make a real effort to substantiate my views with backing facts or at least show that others share a similar opinion.

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