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Boing Boing Deletes Blogger, Not the First Time?

Boing Boing Deletes Blogger, Not the First Time?

This is alarming. Sex blogger, journalist, and author Violet Blue’s posts on Boing Boing, including all mentions, has been deleted (NSFW), without any explanation whatsoever:

It was brought to my attention this weekend that every Boing Boing post (except one) with my name in it is gone. It might have happened a while ago, and no, I have no idea what’s going on. How do you even ask someone about something like that? Personally, I never delete posts for any reason so I just think it’s really weird.

Valleywag broke the story, with no real explanation as to why, and so far nothing from the Boing Boing people. They do point out that it isn’t some new anti-sex policy, since recent content still is playful enough. So what happened?

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Also: Is this happening frequently? This post certainly raises questions, doesn’t it? We’ll try to follow up on this one as answers subside. One thing’s for sure though, this isn’t the way to play the game in the blogosphere, not even for a bigshot like Boing Boing.

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  • It just goes to show you that while we all like to think of blogging as some type of higher calling, it (as a business model) is still susceptible to the whims of those that chose to manipulate it.

  • Read the “William Gibson deleted from BoingBoing” post again. It’s merely an rhetoric artifice. Nobody has deleted William Gibson or any other person from BoingBoing, unless you can prove otherwise.

  • Lol..They probably turned Theresa Hayden loose to moderate posts as well! Pretty soon BB will be just one big collection of disemvoweled and missing posts.

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