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Breaking the TechMeme echochamber: Meme13

Breaking the TechMeme echochamber: Meme13

Rogers Cadenhead has announced the launch of a new site that he intends to break the TechMeme echochamber: Meme13.

Rogers explains:

Meme13 mashes together the last 13 sites that made their first appearance on the Techmeme Leaderboard. You can read these sites by visiting Meme13 or subscribing to its feed, which contains the latest entries from all of them.

I’ve been tracking the leaderboard since Feb. 4. In that time, 175 different sites have made an appearance on the top-100 list. The current Meme13 made their Techmeme debut in the past two weeks.

You can visit the site at or subscribe to its feed to be kept up to date with posts from the 13 sites.

I like this concept as it uses some different logic in order to help one find new blogs and/or bloggers to listen & subscribe to – letting one see more of a diverse voice in the blogosphere.

But I believe that the best journalist/bloggers out there are already doing this – I know I look at over 2,000 feeds daily presently – many of which aren’t the sort of folks that you’re often seeing on TechMeme.

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At the same time, I note that some of the current “13” on Meme13 are folks that are often on TechMeme – both Darren Rowse and Tony Hung are frequently seen on TechMeme.

So Rogers’s methodology isn’t perfect – but it’s a good recent example of how to find more diverse voices out there in the blogosphere.

Finally, like Tony Hung, I have a major issue with the fact that the Meme13 site is actually scraping a full feed and republishing it on their site. Why not just link to the content ala Techmeme?

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  • Agree with Tony – not only are they scraping full feeds, they’re actually republishing any images that we use using our hosting of those images…. not really the way to go in my opinion.

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