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Can an Information Geek Survive a Relationship Geek’s Book?

Can an Information Geek Survive a Relationship Geek’s Book?

As you know SplashPress and The Blog Herald are running the Independent Blogger Book Quest in which I’m reviewing a book published independently — without the backing of a major publisher. In keeping with our mission at the Blog Herald, the books will be about blogging, business, and the work of online professionals. Read this post for guidelines to submit your book for review.

10 Ways to Make It Great!

Blogger Book Quest: 10 Ways to Make It Great!

Title: 10 Ways to Make It Great!
Blogger/Author: Phil Gerbyshak
URL: 10 Ways to Make It Great!
Get this Book: 10 Ways to Make It Great! Product Info

Can an Information Geek Survive a Relationship Geek’s Book?

One of the most memorable moments of SOBCon07 was Jeff Brown’s statement about Kum-ba-ya-ers and business bloggers. No matter who hears me talk about that moment, if they were there, they remember it with a grin of “ain’t it the truth?” That’s because the famous BawldGuy, Jeff, was talking about the preferences folks have toward relationships or information as their personal strong suit.

So, when the time came to talk about the book by the consummate Relationship Geek, Phil Gerbyshak, I thought, perhaps, I was not the best choice. I found the right guy up in Edmonton. He’s Greg Balanko-Dickson, and he’s a self-professed Information Geek, as you can tell by his newest blog, the Remote Control CEO.

Hi Greg! How did go when you, an Information Geek, first met Phil, THE Relationship Geek, in person and in his book?

Phil is an extrovert, friendly, and passionate guy and it shows, as an introvert nothing gets my goat more than meaningless hype and hyperbole. When I first ran across Phil’s site the Make It Great! my guard went up, my concerns were never realized as I realized that Phil was the real deal and lived what he wrote. The same is true of his book, Phil works hard to live 1o Ways to Make It Great!

And when you got to reading Phil’s book did you go right through to the end?

The first Chapter of his book “Begin at the End and Work Toward Today” launches with a bang as he asks the question, “What would you change if you only had one day left to live?” I have to admit that I closed Phil’s book after reading that question.

As someone who has seen more than my fair share of death in my family I knew what Phil was getting at. What I had not realized was just how much “Begin at the End and Work Toward Today” I learned to do that but Phil’s three questions brought greater focus.

So you kept reading and what was your experience?

The greatest personal turnaround for me personally was Chapter Five, “Surround Yourself With This That Can Help You”. Asking for help was not something that was natural because I told myself “I can figure it out.” except it was a pretty lonely existence. This Chapter really helped me be more intellectually honest with myself and others.

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I can say that as I have opened up and shared how I am really doing that people really do care and will help. All I have to do is ask.

What is a longer-term value that Phil’s book has contributed to in your life?

I like to say that Phil’s book helped me move from being a little to cerebral at times to traveling the six inch super highway from my head to my heart. As a result my life is fuller, I am living my dream, and Make It Great ! everyday. Thanks Phil!

So you see, Jeff Brown, information bloggers and relationship bloggers, can live together in peace and harmony in the blogosphere! Kumbaya! 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9, 10. Making it great is everyone’s business.

I’m pleased to say that no Information Geeks were harmed in this experiment.
Thanks Greg!

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