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Case Study: Utilizing Pages For WordPress

Case Study: Utilizing Pages For WordPress

For a successful website, and in particular a resource section inside a blog I utilize Child Pages. Proper linear organization makes for a better blog organization and an easier to locate resource library for search engines to index and people to navigate.

Client A: Ridelust
Assignment: Create A Resource Laden Section on Corvettes, and other sports cars.

Chevrolet Corvette 2005 C6 LS2 Convertible Victory Red

The First thing I did was create a Hub Page, the parent page so to speak. You can find it here From there we created ‘child pages’ under the parent. Examples of that would be our Corvette History page, and our Corvette Girl Pages.

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You can utilize this to create multiple resource laden sections for your website that are organized in a way that search engines and users can find useful content. For a more indepth coders insight into child pages check out Technosailor for the info.

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  • David,

    That is a creative way to set up pages. Keep us posted on how well they are received. I especially like the ease of organizing the webpages.

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