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Contemplating Online

Contemplating Online

Do you ever become curious in how online and offline relate to each-other? Maybe they are extreme polar opposites or could they bear, a perhaps odd, resemblance to each other. I find myself in flux, experiencing change not of my choosing taking place both online and offline. An adaptation of sorts will need to be learned.

Usually when the like does occur one could jump to conclusions before a whole scenario has yet played out. Blogging is such a thing, that it truly forces one to convey their own unique thoughts publicly. Does this give power to individual? I’d gather a guess for a resounding yes. But why; do we continue to type, voice, draw or comment online? What is the attraction? Is it even an attraction? Could it be your job? Could you be blogging because you love it?

I am curious about how our emotions contribute to our blogging. Do you ever loathe it or even can’t take it when the heat is on or it’s simply cold. I sometimes feel fear to actually write what I actually think and feel. Is this common? Do others wonder what the hell. I bet I’m not alone. I’d bet there are other bloggers out there travelling around this country named blog thinking about these things; feeling these things. I don’t feel any shame in this. I think, I may have at one time or other.

This interaction with the world’s public is an astounding feat that humanity has right to. We deserve this freedom to express our thoughts freely, or to reserve those feelings to offline. It is not possible to force someone to blog. I have tried to force myself. lmao. This task, yes task ended in many unfinished posts. Could this be considered learning. Who knows eh?

When I embrace who I am and respect myself for who I am and not who I think I should be, I calm into a state of contemplation where words make sense again and life continues on. I survive.

Blogging is part of my survival. Art is part of my survival. Eating is part of my survival. As is, relationships, family and gardening.

Blogging is not my life. This is one part of my life. One.

This is as real as it gets online. Online will never be offline. This holds true in reverse. Online is only a self guided representation of oneself. Others can ad, take away and even undermine what you do. What’s cool though, is you have the authority to yell right back! We can empathize world-wide now; right now. In this moment there may exist another blogger who could be experiencing the same thing you are. How many others are reading this word at the same time you are? Is it frightening or enlightening or both? I can’t decide. I bounce between the two, quickly. I can say this: all it takes is one thing for me to have something in common with you. Just one. Sometimes we could have four to five things in common. Would that make us acquaintances or co-workers? Offline, this more than likely would be a relationship that has a universal given name.

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This all causes me to ponder about blog networks and collaborative sites. All the people who blog for either, would have something in common with the other contributors.

Then there are bloggers we have 15 to 30 things in common with. Hm-mm. What kind of relationship does that equate to if this were to happen offline. Does it have a name? Is it called link‘€¦ or friend. If online holds true to offline relationships anything and everything can and does happen when we least expect it to.

Jessica Doyle is an artist living in Vancouver, Canada. She also creates on her personal blog

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  • Wow … I guess Akismet is getting shallacked these days.
    Not sure whether I should delete that outright, or contact a company that foolishly publishes their phone numbers or URL.

  • Ok – that has to be one of the strangest yet interesting comments about lawyers. I think many people would prefer to deal without the aid of a lawyer avoiding the court system as much as possible. This isn’t to say that the existing democracy is bad, however if the individual can have as much power as a coorporate identity 2007 will be slow for lawyers.

    Strange but Larry’s comment suggests being online is where people congregate and contemplate their future in the present.

    Tony – shallacked is spelled sh{e}llacked ;)

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