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Crowdfunding and Blogging: The Perfect Marriage

Crowdfunding and Blogging: The Perfect Marriage

Crowdfunding and blogging have a lot in common. They’re both difficult to start, they take a lot of time and effort … and they can both be promoted through the same avenues. So doesn’t it make sense to put the two efforts together?

When you’re working to raise money for a cause, the effort won’t get far if you don’t take the necessary time to promote it. No matter what your cause might be, social media is a great place to start.

But putting the information on your blog can bring in more consistent readers and contributors. If you’re going to pursue this path, though, there are a few things you should know.

It Takes a Solid Blogging Platform

Before you can hope to raise any funds, you need a substantial following. If you have (or can get) several hundred or thousand blog readers a day and you employ one or two blog posts per week to provide the backstory for your crowdfunding effort, you’ll optimize the potential exposure to your audience.

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Without a large blog audience, you might still earn money, but it won’t be nearly as much as you can garner when you have a large following to begin with. So it’s tactically wise to work on building your blog readership before you turn to promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

How to Marry the Two

After you’ve built up a solid blogging platform, there are several key tips and tricks you can use to give your blog and fundraiser more exposure. Check these out:

  • Use Social Media Prolifically: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes social media. This resource should be used to its full extent in order to get maximum attention for your blog. You’re probably already posting on social media, but you can do more for the blog posts you share which contain information and promotional value for your campaign. Tell stories, host contests, acknowledge supporters, and engage with readers through all your social networks in order to increase your blog’s exposure.
  • Tell Stories: Aside from relating the backstory that makes up your crowdfund, you should ideally find other tales to share. If you’re raising funds to take your business to the next level, for example, you can present stories about your progress and breakthroughs. If you’re raising funds for a charity, highlight accounts of people involved (staff and volunteers, not just the beneficiaries) with the nonprofit.
  • Get Other Bloggers Involved: If you can get your campaign in front of your blog entire following, that’s one thing; but if you can expose it to a fellow blogger’s crowd, you’ll be even better off. Look into partnering with another blogger or two to share your campaign cause and get even more people to contribute. This kind of partnership works best if you find bloggers who either already support the cause you’re raising money for, or have a cause they’d like you to promote in turn. Either way, as long as they’re noncompeting situations, such relationships can do wonders for boosting your blog audience and raising funds.
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