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Curbed launches Curbed Marketplace

Curbed launches Curbed Marketplace

One of my favorite blog networks Curbed, has launched Curbed Marketplace, according to this post by Lockhart Steel.

Curbed Marketplace is a unique real estate listing site — take a look at these two brief descriptions from their “Help” page:

It’s a place for sellers and brokers to post real estate listings, and for buyers to browse and search them. But unlike some other systems, we’ve designed the Marketplace to feature big, beautiful photographs and a blog-style layout of properties perfect for perusing. We’re hoping this makes discovering a property — and selling one! — a pleasure.

The idea behind the Marketplace isn’t to aggregate every listing from every random brokerage in the city. (We’re not crawling other sites for our data — it’s input by brokers or sellers themselves.) Rather, we’re aiming to create an exchange in which a lack of sheer volume is made up for in quality of the listings and the pleasure of the browsing experience.

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Visually, the site is a pleasure to visit compared to most real estate sites — and where else can you browse a $7.3m Townhouse.

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  • Curbed joins one of the many Real estate market places out there. What Curbed essentially did was buy a classified’s script, customize it a bit and that’s that !!

    They need to differentiate themselves in order for me to post my listing in their marketplace.

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