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Did Twitter Launch An Official iPhone App? Or Am I Seeing Double?

Did Twitter Launch An Official iPhone App? Or Am I Seeing Double?

Not too long ago, Twitter mentioned that they were becoming uncomfortable with third parties using their trade marked names (like Tweet and of course Tweetie) within the name of their software.

While they were not implying that they were going to immediately unleash the legal hounds (aka lawyers) against those violating their trademark, they may want to require apps to post a disclaimer–especially when they use their official name.

Upon searching for the next great tweet app (note: there is some amazing ones coming out, but I’m under embargo), I discovered an app calling itself “Twitter :).”

Created by HWADO, this app lacks many of the bells and whistles against heavy weights like Tweetie, Twiterific and Twittelator Pro.

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While the smiley face will not confuse hard core geeks who think Twitter is the worlds greatest communication platform, it may fool new users who may associate the app (whether good or bad) with the hottest startup online.

Although HWADO’s app probably wouldn’t threaten the reputation of the microblogging platform, the boys and girls at Twitter may want to consider asking the company (& a few others like Twitter Pro by iApp Ventures) to not only change their name, but post a disclaimer as well.

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