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Do You Do Social Media?

Do You Do Social Media?

Mike Stelzner is running a Social Media Survey and I am really looking forward to the results. If you take part you can get the results too. Take the survey here.

I really hope you will take part as I think this stuff is going to be super important as we go deeper into 2009.

On Twitter someone said to me that, in effect, anyone hopping into social media right now is getting in late, but I disagree.

That might be the case for those of us who are firmly nestled in the online bubble, but for those outside of our geek circles this is all new and not yet making a big noise in their world.

I expect this to change, and fast. Newspapers and TV are getting in on the act. Celebrities are Twittering. And the articles are no longer about MySpace bullying! Talking about the internet and social media is no longer just the remit of the “and finally” segment. They are talking about it as something people will be interested in for its own sake, not the “let’s go on freak safari” novelty factor.

Only the other day I had to sadly turn down an appearance on the web segment of Sky News (the British equivalent of Fox) due to a schedule conflict. Just the fact though they want an internet geek on TV talking to their semi-normal viewers speaks volumes. Can you imagine? A nerd like me in front of that huge mainstream audience? Actually, I am probably better off not thinking about it!

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Fact is, it’s not just the internet fans who are coming online, and social media is going to be a huge influence on them, and therefore businesses that cater to them. In business-to-business also, the global economic speed-bumps are going to force creative CEOs to look at other ways of getting their word out.

I think the survey is going to be fascinating. Take the survey here.

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  • Thank you for the info, I think is good for us bloggers to participate to have a more accurate result. I’ve just done that and I will give a short notice on my blog too.
    From a new blogger perspective I definitely find a big opportunity to promote your blog or business, but can also be confusing to try to keep up with all the relevant social media around. I would say focusing on some which fits more to your needs is best than just shouting everywhere out without a clear intention or vision to go back and maintain a profile. Especially when you haven’t found your personal order yet. Persistance is important if you want to really feel the difference. Unless you’re a lucky one. Sure, it’s just me…
    Looking forward to see the results.

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