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Does Your Religion Influence Your Blog Writing?

Does Your Religion Influence Your Blog Writing?

In my husband’s family home, there is one resounding rule: Never discuss politics nor religion at the dinner table. While I’ve tried to keep that rule on several of my blogs, I’m about to break it.

There are a lot of bloggers who blog about their religion, but the bigger question is how much your religion influences your blog writing? Does it?

There is a whole industry of religious bloggers blogging on their religion. I haven’t found a united umbrella organization, but they are a growing industry as more and more religious evangelists and educators take to their blogs to share their faith with the world.

For these bloggers, their purpose is to blog about their faith. But what about the rest of the believers in a particular faith who blog. Does your religion influence your blogging style and writing?

Does Religion Influence How You Blog?

In my article, Blogging Prejudice: Aren’t We Past This Yet?, I chastised some bloggers who were making religious attacks at each other via their blogs, and while I still hold that you need to be open to the global village and take care with narrow judgments, how does your religion influence your blogging?

Does your religion restrict you to blog only about certain subjects, or to not blog about certain subjects? News out of the Middle East reports writing something negative about Islam or the government is now punishable under government and Sharia laws. Are you willing to write whatever you want even if it means violating those laws? Or do those laws control what you write?

Is your blog’s purpose motivated by your religion? Do you really put your religious values on the table as you discus your subject or respond on your blog. Does it color your responses?

When you blog publicly about your religion, your blog becomes a representative of that religion to others. You set an example. Are you? Christians have a saying about “turn the other cheek”, so do you turn the other cheek when things get nasty on your blog or other bloggers do and say bad things about your blog? Or is it really important to you that your blog sets an example for others on how someone of your religion should behave?

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Is it important to you to ensure your readers know your religion? Why? It is just a natural part of your religion to let people know what it is, or is it important to help readers understand more about who you are?

Is it important for your readers to know what religion you are a member of? Do they have to know your beliefs? I’ve read many About pages that mention the blog author is a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever. Is that important to your blog purpose to be known by your religion?

Or do you work hard to keep religion and religious issues completely apart from your blog?

This isn’t a question or debate about which religion is right or wrong, but an attempt to get you thinking about how religion plays a role in your blog and whether or not it works for you to share that personal and private side of your life with your readers.

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  • Yes, my religious beliefs do influence everything I do, not just my blogging. But, it would be wrong to say that it is because of complex religious practices.

    My beliefs don’t keep me away from specific topics, but more so influence how I approach them. You won’t find me pushing porn, but I might write about porn and it’s influences. You won’t find me pushing drug use, but I’ll definitely post something related if it fits my blog.

    So for me it’s not about proscriptions but approach. Good post.

  • Lorelle, I don’t know if I would call it “religious beliefs”, since I’m not one to attend church. However, I do keep my blog clean of cursing, including those who wish to comment. It comments are just laden with curse words, I delete it. If the comment actually has something constructive to say, but has a few curse words included, I edit the comment and let it be known that I did so.

    I also don’t blog using very graphic details, that can often become very offensive to readers. I guess for me, I go with “treat others how you want to be treated”.

  • I am a spiritual person not religious. I share my perspectives which is free of any association to any churches since I don’t attend churches. I think my inner life, my spiritual life is private and really does not relate to anyone elses spiritual life.

    I attempt to write about the truth not about beliefs systems which religions are. I, of course, don’t have any inside track on truth but I do tend to seek truth more than those that follow a spelled out series of beliefs.

    My blog is not a church guided agenda but more about exploring personal awareness, your unique purpose, and you own way of being in the world.

    I very much appreciate your questions which helps everyone find their own truth.

  • Faith influences every aspect of life. Same with politics or anything else we feel passionate about.

    I have a general blog where I allow myself to rant freely on any issue. I also have a blog that is more focused, Rethinking Church Life. On the former I am more free with my words. On the latter, I am targeting a different audience so I try to be more nuanced and balanced in my writing.

  • Great post, Lorelle. I am in agreement with Lillie; my religious beliefs, as well as my spiritual practices affect and infect every aspect of my life ~ including blogging.

  • Whether your fetish is believing in a sky-dictator despite all common sense or wearing a red rubber nose, how could it not effect your writing?

    If you’re ashamed of your rubber nose wearing, sky dictator worshipping ways or if you’re proud — it will come out in your writing.

    Me? I got other things to worry about than imaginary super friends.


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