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Encouraging your readers to comment, or not.

Encouraging your readers to comment, or not.

I’ve never been much of a person to attempt to develop community. In fact if you look at my posts this week I think most people didnt want to comment on my posts possibly because I write in a tone that discourages comments. Maybe I don’t ask enough questions. Maybe because people ping me via AIM and Twitter and give me feedback. You know what I decided on a few of my sites. To just hang it up. To flat out remove the ability to comment. And on others I installed a WordPress plugin to encourage regular readers to comment more.

It’s called the Comment Prompt

This is a very simple plugin for wordpress 2.0+
The idea is to encourage lurkers and long term visitors to take the plunge and comment on your blog. Often people just need a little encouragement so this plugin will nag I mean encourage the user by posting a message to encourage them to post. Once they have posted their first comment it stops.

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Either way blogs can be a platform for community or a platform for publishing or some sort of hybrid in between.

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  • There are 2 reasons I don’t comment on a blog post, any blog post.

    1. I’m reguired to register or jump through too many hoops to post.
    2. My response would be something like, “Yes I do agree, thank you!” and that’s spam catching type comments.

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