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Evaluate Splashpress Media’s Worth and Win $1,000

Evaluate Splashpress Media’s Worth and Win $1,000

Splashpress Media has been around for less than a year to date, but our foundations date back to much longer than that. And we’ve been building up our network with quite a lot of launches, re-launches and acquisitions these past months. Many of these had involved transactions with exact dollar figures, whether as cost or income.

In this crazy world of online businesses, there is much talk about worth. How much is your blog or blog network worth? If someone made an offer to acquire your site, would you take it? For how much? How would you know it’s a fair valuation? Loren Feldman over at 1938 Media has a good analysis of worth vis-a-vis value, and this has made us think about our worth as a company. Still, there are different ways to come up with the dollar value you can attribute to a business, and we would like to know your thoughts about how much you think we are worth. For the best “worth evaluation” we will give a prize of US$ 1,000.

So here’s the deal. We’ll give $1,000 cash to the best “worth evaluation” of Splashpress Media’s network via a comment in reply to this post, a post on your own blog with a pingback or a private email via our contact form.

We already know its value to us….!

To explain a bit further- what we are looking for is the best “model” for “worth evaluation”, not the $$ figure itself, i.e: it really doesn’t matter whether you think we are “worth” a million bucks or zero, it is how you got to the numeric figure that matters. And to make it harder, we’re not going to provide any stats whatsoever or any revenue figures. You’ll just need to guess at the reality or the potential- up to you.

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Again, we already know the company’s value to us, each as individual contributors to the whole (which makes value subjective!). But learning how much you think we are worth, and how you come up with that dollar figure make things more interesting.

Anyone interested has up to end of this week–Sunday, Nov. 11th, midday EST–to send in “worth valuations” either by comments, email or pingbacks/trackbacks, and we will announce the winner on the 12th.

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  • I have been seeing these posts on all Splashpress media sites today. Blogs are very hard to evaluate when Splashpress doesnt define a total list of blogs it has. If I was going to evaluate the company you would have to break it down and use the same model formula as Weblogs Inc and AOL deal, plus inflation.

  • Before we start discussing the worth of Splashpress Media, it is important to remember this:

    1. WEB 2.0 IS NOT DEAD.
    2. There will be no bloodbath.
    3. The Web 2.0 hype is fed by clueless, out-of-touch VCs and Big Corporations like Microsoft and Google who are paying huge sums for properties just to piss on each other.
    4. Steve Rubel started this ‘Web 2.0 is dead’ meme because no one was reading his blog like they did in 2005.
    5. Then a VC reported that blue chip investors Kleiner Perkins were not gung ho about Web 2.0, but if you look at their portfolio, you will find they have mostly been blind towards User Generated Content.

    Coming back to Splashpress Media, I think we should always remember what Jaff Jarvis aid about the future of newspapers:


    The message for Splasspress Media and all other New Media is clear: There is a shiny, big field ahead and so the effort must be not to slip:
    – Keeping Costs down
    – Doing original, often entertaining journalism.
    – That means rising above merely rewriting that many Blog Networks/New Media startups do.
    – Established News houses are taking to blogs in a big way and many of them are indeed better written.

    The Bottomline: if Splashpress Media manages to stand above the crowd and aims for the long term, and conveys this message to investors as well (building media properties takes money, although not in Mass Media amounts), it will indeed be very valuable to its founders and readers alike.

    Note: I am cross posting this comment on my MediaVidea blog and I think J. Angelo Racoma has asked an important question, something that all new media must be/should be asking themselves right now.

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