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Ever Felt Like Giving Up Blogging?

Ever Felt Like Giving Up Blogging?

Unfortunately blogging is not always fun. Things go wrong, people attack you for no good reason, and there are hackers and comment spammers to deal with too.

But if we want to get the fun and rewards out of blogging, sometimes we need to ride over a few speed bumps along the way.

Dealing with these issues is part of blogging. Sticking at it is the number one factor that splits the “ex-blogger” from the successful blogger.

When things go wrong,  or when people get nasty, it is easy to pack it all in and move on to do something else.

Instead we have to try to focus on the good, what are we doing it for, what are the nice aspects of blogging:

  • Friendships
  • Community
  • Discussions
  • Entertainment and creativity
  • Positive feedback
  • Opportunities
  • Financial rewards

When things are being thrown at you that you feel are putting you off your game, focus on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative. Call on your friends for support, and try to move past the dips back to the good stuff.

Don’t be one of the millions of people who “used to have a blog”, move through the difficulty and you will emerge stronger for it!

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It seems like every couple of months someone wants to take a pop at me for no good reason. I think most of the time they think they will gain some attention at my expense, but sometimes they are confused and hallucinating something they dreamed I hadn’t said or done. To begin with it would send me into worry for a few days, now I realize it is more about them than me and most people see these attackers for what they are.

I have also had sites hacked. My photography blog was dormant for a while, until a reader notified me that the site was full of links. Turned out the themes header template had been hacked to include a piece of code that pulled down links from a server and covered the site in them. Thankfully traffic and subscriptions recovered, and it reminded me that I needed to do something with that site to keep it going.

Have you had bad times where you wanted to give up blogging?

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  • I’ve been attacked by a lot of trolls over the past year, including just the other day.

    Some were insulting, and some were just immature. Most of the times they make assumptions about your site or you without even checking out your site or your story. You can tell when that happens and then you realize their comments aren’t valid.

    Also, when you think about it; these negative comments are from people behind a computer screen; so they’re going to be blunt but you’ve got to brush it off. It’s much easier to do that online than in the “real” world.


  • that’s why i don’t have a blog, i only comment. I have to tip my hat off to the bloggers, they do great jobs entertaining strangers.

  • I’ll give up blogging when it stops being fun. Nearly two years on, that hasn’t happened yet. Even when the weirdos slither out between the cracks, the chance to deal with them is also a learning experience. I have a few laughs about it later, too.

  • In every job I have ever had, there have always been a few customers or clients who would go off on me, not because of anything I’d done, just because they are negative people who like to spread negativity. I don’t think you can escape that in life so you just have to do your best to ignore it. I know it’s easier said than done though.

  • I almost gave up blogging this fall after two years of not really getting anywhere with it. Instead I took the opportunity to entirely revamp the blog and it’s now become the focus of my business.

    I’m glad that I took that route rather than giving up. I challenged myself to make it better rather than walking away and the benefits are immense!

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