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ExecTweets Is Not The Twitter Revenue Model

ExecTweets Is Not The Twitter Revenue Model

ExecTweetsI’m surprised to see all these posts about ExecTweet and how Twitter found its revenue model. ExecTweet is Twitter spinoff site that just displays tweets from select executives, making it easier to track the big shots on Twitter if you’re a corporate buff. It is published by ad firm Federated Media, and sponsored by Microsoft.

It is also a great publicity stunt for Federated Media, and not a Twitter project, although they support it with a blog post and pushing it in that small ad block I’ve mentioned before. Both VentureBeat and TechCrunch have confirmed that this is not an ad deal for Twitter.

VentureBeat spoke to Biz Stone:

“We’re highlighting Tweetie and Twittervision along with ExecTweets because we want to support and promote projects that deliver variety, relevance, and most importantly, value to users,” Stone wrote to me in an email. He continued, “[We’re] looking forward to doing more like this in the future as there is an entire ecosystem of great projects out there and this is an easy way to start.”

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While ExecTweet is a cool service, a great Federated Media PR stunt, and a resource for people not knowing how to find these people by themselves, it is not a business model.

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  • Agreed, good promotion for Twitter, FM, and Microsoft, but the real business will come with featured or sponsored tweets in my opinion – probably either looped in with Twitter search or with another Twitter product.

  • I think you got the wrong quote from VentureBeat:

    “Both are excellent apps, but is Twitter gaining anything for featuring them on the site like it is with ExecTweets?”

    Smells like revenue to me.

  • The twitter revenue model will be Adwords on the page. It is just a matter of time.

    Great article btw… thanks for sharing!

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