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Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features

Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features

Facebook Messenger 1.5 has landed on Blackberry with all its features. The social networking site has announced that the latest version of Facebook messenger has now targeted the top three Smartphone platforms- Blackberry, iPhone (iOS) and Android. Blackberry has iOS5 and thus is supported with the Facebook messenger 1.5. The Facebook Messenger for Blackberry is launched recently but for the android devices and iPhones it was released a few months ago.

The new version of Facebook Messenger is added with some great performance improvements as well as a few new features along with the support for the Blackberry platform. If you want to use the newest version of Facebook messenger on your Android smartphone, you can get it from the Googleís Android Market and if you want to use it on your iPhone, you can get it from Appleís App Store. The Facebook Messenger 1.5 for Blackberry is available on RIMís BlackBerry App World.

Below is a brief description of the new features of Facebook Messenger 1.5-

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  • In this newest version of Facebook messenger, you can see which of your friend is online, who in online via mobile and also see which of your friend is typing a message in the chat box.
  • Facebook Messenger 1.5 offers a faster chat. Composing message for your friends you message most is now faster in this latest version of Facebook Messenger.
  • This new version of the Facebook Messenger support 12 new languages for iPhone, 22 new languages for Android supporting devices. It offers iOS5 support for iPhone.
  • If you are using the newest version of Facebook Messenger on your Blackberry, Android Smartphone or the iPhone you can receive and send the messages to your friends in real time. Photos are essential part of our life, they preserve our golden moments for lifetime. So, better keep a Photo Recovery Software installed in your computer so that you never be afraid of sudden crashes and virus threats. On Topic, you can also share your location or the photos with your friends.You can make small groups of your friends using this fantabulous application of the famous social networking site Facebook.
  • If your friend is also using the latest version of Facebook Messenger, the application uses the push notification to deliver the message. And if your friend is still using the older version of Facebook Messenger the message if sent via Facebook chat, SMS or Facebook message. Thus you can use the Facebook messenger to send the message to everybody whether he/she is on your Facebook friendís list or in your mobile phonebook. You just need to type the message on your messenger the type the friendís name and send it.
  • Facebook Messenger 1.5 imports all your contacts from the old inbox conversation and so you can start messaging your friend instantaneously.
  • One of the best features included in the newest version of Facebook Messenger is that the chat history is cleared if you are adding a new friend in one-on-one conversation.

Facebook Messenger 1.5 is a standalone Facebook application; however there are rumors all around the Facebook users that it will soon merge with main Facebook applications.

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