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Flash to be Searchable, Blog Platform Next?

Flash to be Searchable, Blog Platform Next?

Adobe is making Flash searchable, in partnership with juggernauts like Google. ReadWrite/Web writes about it, and is writing up Adobe’s online activity overall, like AIR and I think they are spot on, Adobe is really focusing on online these days, and they are doing it well. Think about all the AIR apps, for instance.

However, with Flash being searchable, one thing that strikes me is the possibility of a blogging platform, much like WordPress and Movable Type, but in Flash.

So why would Adobe, or anyone really, want to do a blog platform and compete with the established one, in Flash? Several reasons:

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  • Visual scalability. With today’s big range of displays, be it iPhones or 24″ screens, the visual scalability of Flash would be a true strength. Sure, you can’t have an iPhone design work well on 1920 pixel resolution, but you can scale. That is something to consider.
  • Design and layout freedom. Flash is the #1 choice for ads and media agencies doing promo pages. A blog would suddenly have the same possibilities as these do.
  • Rich media. Continuing on that thought, having video and sound as integrated into the blog as the text media would certainly be a strength. There are possibilities here.

Now, there are drawbacks as well. Not all clients have Flash, especially the mobile ones, and the size of the actual pages might not be so big, but still. I hope someone will do this, and I think it would be an interesting project to follow.

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  • As you write, not all clients have Flash. And many users say no to Flash, I use FlashBlock in Firefox and like it a lot.

  • Finally they got the idea that Flash can be searchable, after all these years. Macromedia really did a lousy job with protecting their kid in all those patents.
    By now, every site developed in Flash has a regular HTML under it, for the case that the visitor don’t have Flash support or even block Flash and for bots to be able to search the site. Even before, it was possible to have Flash over the blog. Install regular, let’s say WordPress blog and then make Flesh that will connect to the database. making Flash searchable will change nothing. We’ll still have to have regular non-Flash working under the surface.

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