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Flickr Gets Video, But Just For 90 Seconds

Flickr Gets Video, But Just For 90 Seconds

flickr.gifFlickr has launched its long awaited video feature, and it’s an interesting addition. First of all, all videos are limited to 90 seconds, and secondly, only pro users can upload videos (everyone can view and embed them though). Why is that?

Well, the idea is to look at video as photos moving, which goes very well with the Flickr approach, something that is pushed on the Flickr blog launch post, no doubt to shut up the criticism. 90 second video is one thing, but limiting to pro users only? I expect people to react, or just go to YouTube, because of that.

Pro is $25/year, by the way. I found the need for it when I was in Japan since I uploaded too many photos, but that’s a completely different story.

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What do you think? 90 second videos, will that take off for anyone not being a hardcore Flickr user?

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  • I somewhat understand their decision. They are not a YouTube competitor, they have a strong community focused on photographs and images. I can imagine taking an “aesthetically” pleasing short video or compilation of images and rather uploading it to my Flickr account than my YouTube account.

  • I have no idea how many other folks feel the same as I do, but I’m a photographer, not a videographer, and if folks don’t upload much video to Flickr that’s perfectly fine with me. Making it pro only might help keep away some of the low-quality, low-interest material. $25/year is dirt cheap if you want a serious forum for sharing your work, but it just might be enough to make someone think about it.

  • Hmm I don’t get it. 90 seconds is a good, but why even bother? Maybe someone has to explain to me about that one.

    As for pro users only, now that I think about it, I really like the idea. Like Aaron said above, that will keep away any of the low quality stuff. There’s a lot of junk on youtube, and they can keep it there.

  • I think of it was Twitter for video. You’re limited in your time frame, and everybody knows that when watching the videos, they’ll all be about a minute and a half.

    I don’t see anything wrong with a time limit. If anything, it’ll force people to get to the point.

  • this is a very timely event for the video uploading new possibility of and a max suitable
    duration to it… therefore a welcome invitation
    and possibility in the long run both

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