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Gawker Media cuts payrates… Again!

Gawker Media cuts payrates… Again!

Once again, Gawker Media has cut the pay of their bloggers, according to a post over at Radar.

You may recall that not too long ago, Gawker Media moved to a model where their bloggers were tied to the traffc on their individual blog posts – along with a system of traffic bonuses and other incentives.

The declining economy may have had an impact on Gawker Media, thus driving down the payrates…

Radar writes:

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Who ever said the future of media was going to feel great? With the current traffic success of Gawker—70+ posts a day, amazing SEO results, and relentlessly hammered-home top stories to maximize numbers—comes a downside. The company, which hands out blogger pay on the traffic for each writer’s own blog posts, has been paying out bonuses each quarter to nearly all the regular editorial staff of Gawker. “We’ve broken the site budget,” Gawker Media owner Nick Denton told the staff in an email yesterday. The only answer, from the company’s perspective? To keep getting more traffic—but to pay the producers of that traffic less for each pageview. So for the second and now, according to a new memo regarding the pay rate for the quarter that began this week, third quarters of 2008, the company has reduced the rate of pay per pageview. Other Gawker Media sites, including Jezebel, also had their pageview rate cut.

Silicon Valley Insider has more.

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  • So basically Denton is saying that because he sucks at selling advertising he will punish the writers. The beauty of any performance based remuneration model is that the people who provide the real value can get justly compensated so long as the rest of the company organisation has it stuff together.

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