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Not Just Blog Writers Who Get Freelance Gigs

Not Just Blog Writers Who Get Freelance Gigs

Reading Fred Wilson’s AVC blog about his recent redesign made me realize it is not just the writers of blogs who can use blogging to get freelance opportunities.

Check out the article and see if you mentally highlight the parts I did.

First, I noticed that was no longer active. So I engaged my friend (and blog reader) Marty Schwimmer to obtain it for me.

Second, I engaged Nathan Bowers, someone I met through this blog, to re-design it for me

So two pieces of work were given to people who were known to Fred because they were readers.

Obviously they are not just readers, they must have commented. Commented regularly and well! Work has gone to readers of my own the same way. If you make intelligent, valuable contributions in comments, you will get noticed and remembered.

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But isn’t this just the same as being known through any kind of networking? As a programmer in a previous life I would routinely be offered freelance opportunities because of forum and email discussion list postings I had made.

Showing up and being useful in the right places might be all you need to do in order to gain more freelancing gigs.

Get more resources for freelance writers here.

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