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Google And Linking

Google And Linking

There are so many things that people don’t realize about Google, and its ranking strategies, but recently it seems that Google has decided that they have to control how, who and when we link to other people.

Heading up Google’s Webspam team, you have to wonder is Matt Cutts the link nazi? These are the people deciding who and how we are allowed to link people. Do we need to “no-follow” every link other than those we implicitly trust? What sort of rules to we have to follow to be ranked well by Google, and not be flagged by the web spam team.

As a blogger, do you worry about being flagged by Google or do you just keep blogging the way you always have?

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  • Yes, I care what the Google ™ search engine thinks about me. We will all be working for Google ™ eventually. I know they are logging my every post and comment.
    Sergy and Brin are my heroes.

  • As a logger you write for your readers, and your potential readers. And Google plays a major role on letting you find readers for your weblog. Or the other way… they play a major role on letting your potential readers find you… So yes. You have to take their rules into account until some other search engine can provide you the same result without so many problems.

  • My heart doesn’t care; my head does.

    I’m writing my blog as a personal journal and for friends…but I also blog for a charity group, and a good Google position could make a real difference to them.

    I wish we could simply focus on delivering content, more than playing games for rankings; it’s a shame.

  • I think it’s important that bloggers just do what they usually do without fearing how Google is going to react. This is exactly what Google wants to do – instill an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, doubt to control the web.

    In fact, I think a lot of things that Google is threatening to do has no bearing. What happens to the webmaster who know nothing about the no follow tag? Will they be penalized for not doing something that really has no value for the end user? It just doesn’t make sense.

    Don’t let Google own your business. It’s not really the way it should be. Keep blogging people.

  • I just blog. I’d like more interactive readers and I read about all the “tricks” to get them, but trying to keep up with and figure out Google is too much work. So I just blog and I don’t worry about Google or ranking of any sort.

  • Funny, I just had one of my blogs get bumped up two points! :-)

    But then again, it had the lowest page rank to begin with, although ironically it made the most money.

    Either way, if you really don’t like Google, you could always request to have your content removed from their servers. Just a suggestion…

  • It is unfortunate that Google is deciding to play Big Brother… I feel that links should be accepted at the discretion of the blog writer without any consequences.

    I Love Google and their entire system… It has definitely opened up a whole new world of internet marketing.

  • In the end this is all about building business or personal relationships. If you are pure in your intentions Google will work for you. Leaving interesting comments with links that are relevant is the mission.

  • Although emotionally I would say I don’t care, the reality is that Google is my #1 traffic source, plus I use AdSense. Hard to deny that in some sense, I’m writing for Google in addition to my readers.

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