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Google Plus Now Business Friendly

Google Plus Now Business Friendly

Google Plus is the social media service that Google has recently released and it has been suggested that this service is a direct move against Facebook which is the leading social media website today.

Much praise should be given to the Google team for the constant innovations they seem to bring out; moreover the smooth roll out of Google Plus was also slickly done. Instead of launching it to the entire world, they selected certain countries first of all and then as and when issues arouse they solved them in a timely manner.

Also rather than launching the finished product with all its features, they did the release of Google Plus in a more progressive way so that people could get used to the new social media service without getting confused by to many features.

Latest Development

Initially Google Plus was specifically for people and it did not cater for business’s which is a huge drawback for any social media service as Twitter and Facebook are utilised by many businesses as a way to communicate to customers more directly.

Over the past few weeks we have seen this change as Google Plus will now allow for business pages on Google Plus and so this will draw a lot of attention from business owners who will be aware that Google’s organic search results will take into account Google Plus business pages and ‘+1s’.

What this means is that a website can now create a Google Plus business page for themselves just like on Facebook and then other users can choose to give a ‘+1’ to the business if they like it. Many people get a little fed up with Facebook when they ‘like’ a company because their feed then gets clogged up with promotional material from that company, however it appears Google may have solved this issue with their social media service.

So for example if you liked a football retail company on Facebook then you might receive promotional offers for football shirts they are trying to promote like the latest Chelsea shirt or new Manchester United football kit. With Google Plus this doesn’t happen because when you ‘+1’ a companies Google Plus page you don’t ‘follow them’ or as Google calls it ‘join their circle’, meaning you can show your support for a business without having to hear from them all the time.

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A Few Issues

While Google has done a superb job with their social media service they still need to continue to refine and develop it to compete with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also with the introduction of Google Plus business pages they need to develop a way to make sure the businesses verify their own company name.

At the moment anyone can create a business page, however they cannot be allowed full use of the service until the page is ‘verified’ by the corresponding company website, though time will tell if this solution works effectively as a valid verification process.

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