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Guest Posting is the New Article Marketing

Guest Posting is the New Article Marketing

Right as I throttle down my guest posting to the lowest in my blogging career it seems guest posting is gaining steam.

This is because it’s not just traditional bloggers who are realizing the value of guest posting, but marketers, SEOs and other webmasters. Rather than looking for profile and personal brand building, these folks are using the tactic for growing their traffic and links.

Andy has written a great article that outlines the main benefits of guest posting for link building.

  1. Sheer Power
  2. Semantic Relevance
  3. Links From Within Content
  4. Control Of Anchor Text
  5. Good Neighbourhood Association
  6. Secondary Linkage Means More Juice
  7. Surviving Manual Inspection

See the full article for details.

Since Google clamped down on bought links, and Article Marketing competition has gone through the roof, it is well worth considering for link building campaigns.

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Of course I recommend guest blogging to my Authority Blogger students and consulting clients anyway, because it is a way to get your name known, attract subscribers, network, penetrate new markets, and you can even get paid for it (paid to market yourself? bonus!). It’s the online equivalent of writing for trade journals.

Try it, it works!

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  • Good point, I never consider guest posting as a article marketing. You made me to think about my strategy. Guest posting is able to bring you tons of traffic if you are able to post article at popular sites.

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