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Have You Found Your Blog Topic for Blog Action Day – October 15

Have You Found Your Blog Topic for Blog Action Day – October 15

is October 15, and the founders of the event are asking bloggers around the world to blog on the topic of the environment.

Similar to the April 30, Day of Silence, when many bloggers around the world didn’t publish anything but a sign honoring the day in protest of personal violence, Blog Action Day asks you to turn your blog into action by blogging about the environment on that day. You can choose any topic, as long as it has to do with environmental issues.

The idea behind Blog Action Day is to use the power of united voices to call attention to an issue. This year, Blog Action Day is dedicated to the environment. Next year, they may have a different subject.

With millions of bloggers writing about the environment, readers can’t help but be exposed to the news and information just from the numbers. This type of unified action often speaks louder than the small chorus.

Since I heard about the event two months ago, I’ve been thinking about how I can blog about the environment and make a point that will help change our thinking and perspective, and how my words might help us to save and preserve the nature we seem so intent on consuming faster than ever.

I’ve not come up with a topic yet. Have you?

The problem with challenges dealing with such broad topics is how to narrow it down. As a tree hugger for many years, there are thousands of topics I could easily tackle – the problem is choosing.

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I could tell a story to make an environmental protection point. I could offer tips and techniques for traveling without leaving footprints nor evidence of passing through. I can easily write photography and writing tips about how to capture the magic of nature for an audience, bringing nature to those who may not appreciate it the way we do. I could write about how to teach your children about the treasures of nature that deserve our help and protection, and theirs for the next 75 years of their lives.

There are so many subjects I could do, I’m overwhelmed. Have you found your blogging subject for Blog Action Day? Are you ready? Did you have the same trouble?

What are you going to blog about on Blog Action Day?

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  • Lorelle, I am currently running a month-long blogging campaign on environment-related matters, which had begun on Sept 15th, and will conclude on Oct 15th in conjunction with Blog Action Day. And I’d like to invite you to participate in the campaign.

    Do you have any tips or experience to share?

  • Hi Lorelle and Pelf, I was just popping over to join the conversation here – because I share so many of the views that you address in this piece – and am now blushing at the comments in the box! Thank you :-)

    My inspiration to write the piece for the Giving Hands was 1) Pelf – who is just getting on with it, exploring issues, asking questions, encouraging others and 2) the same sense you are conveying here that people can feel overwhelmed by the issue.

    I think we all need to find ways to bring this back to a human scale, what it means to us, what we can learn to do about. I’m hoping that taking part in Blog Action Day will help people find the words to do just that. (If all else fails why not just blog about how hard it is too chose – I thought you modelled that approach perfectly here!)


  • I do have my blog topic ready and I need to get kicking on the research for it. As a necessarily budget conscious single mum who loves food, I’ll be talking about Food Miles and the joys and benefits of cooking local, seasonal food.

    It was the first thing that came to my mind and as a personal blogger I like the idea of talking about something small in our daily lives that can actually effect something big. As Joanna said, “human scale”.

    I think one of the wonderful things about Blog Action Day is that so many people will be talking, we don’t have to cover everything by ourselves. It’s a lot of support for environmental issues, but it’s also a lot of support for bloggers who care.

    I’m looking forward to a lot of reading, and commenting, and linking this month.

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