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How A Not Even Launched Gadget Site Can Clock 4.7M Pageviews

How A Not Even Launched Gadget Site Can Clock 4.7M Pageviews

gdgt.gif4.7 million pageviews. That’s what a not yet launched gadget site clocked in at while live blogging WWDC! Amazing, right? Actually, it is so amazing that both VentureBeat and TechCrunch writes about it.

So how did they do it? The secret is in the people behind the site: Ryan Block (of Engadget fame) and Peter Rojas (of both Engadget and Gizmodo ditto) and their loyal followers. Still, gdgt, which is the site’s name, isn’t even launched, and the only thing you’ll find there now is a weekly podcast.

But still, I say again: 4.7 million pageviews!

Sure, the numbers from their former sites – Engadget and Gizmodo – is probably a lot more staggering, but it is still a lot.

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It proves beyond doubt that the actual bloggers sometimes is almost as important as the blog brand itself. But more important? Could be, but in most cases probably not.

Oh, and gdgt is due to launch in “the next few weeks”. We’ll have more on it then, I’m sure.

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  • People love gadgets be it on there iPhone or Blog. I seen the site looks promising the only problem i have with gadgets is they slow down the page load time.

  • Almost 5 million pageviews is a lot, although I don’t really think it was much of a challenge for them knowing where they worked in the past. It may not be launched yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s well seo’d and have a big mailing list they can promote to.

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