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How I Blog: Brian Yalung

How I Blog: Brian Yalung

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How I Blog: Brian Yalung, MBA, Blogger

For years I have acted as a writer and columnist to several local and business organizations, mostly on the field of Information Technology. Most of these article contributions were out of charity and acted more on providing relevant content for the newsletters and the public newspapers that everyone could see. In short, the only actual reward I wanted was acknowledgement and the chance to be known as a writer.

Brian Yalung

A few years back, blogging become so popular that I checked it out. Well, this new hype that the Internet has given towards the Internet enthusiasts has drawn a lot of attention and raves, allowing any person anywhere, to be able to express his or her inner self for the world to see. Some even go to the extent of making a business out of it, which I guess is pretty obvious with the scheme that most search engines such as Google and its Adsense schematics and other affiliate marketing strategies. It has been said that most people earn a lot from it, hence making it only but natural that most people would bite and try out this new fad. Unfortunately, I don’€™t see it that way as far as I am concerned. I have a lot of ideas running around in my mind, but the thought of earning never really crossed my mind. So seeing that Blogging was similar to that of what I really do in actual article writing, well, the rest is history. I had my first big break writing articles for a word content organization based in the Philippines, but unfortunately, due to misunderstandings, the relationship was cut short.

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I soon found myself focusing on blogging. I blogged regularly at the Marketing Shack, putting to use my MBA knowledge, with special focus on brand marketing and marketing strategies. Not content, I even put up some personal blog sites, some type of relaxation and unwinding activities to put off some steam especially during internal conflicts which I choose not to discuss with friends. My favorite blogs where I usually pour my heart out and speak my mind is at the Daddy and Daughter Times, Diary of Love and Miracles, and Technology and Tricks. Now, given the breaks and vote of confidence, I have been given the opportunity to join a group of professionals to revive a good business site, that of which is Biziki, for pleasure of course. This all the more allows me to provide business and career tips based on experience and actual knowledge from the graduate level viewpoint, something I know will benefit most up and coming ambitious career oriented individuals. But most importantly, it provides a stress release therapy on my part, especially when pressured times set in.

In all, I blog and write for the sake of putting together thoughts in my mind and composing them in such a way to make it look professional. Focus and attention on my surroundings, past experiences, own critique and maybe a word or two to draw the usual adsense and keyword search for search engines make up my entire undertaking as far as blogging and content writing is concerned. Oh and before I forget to mention it, enjoying through expressing and sharing with a target market audience about what I know is also what I call an icing on the entire endeavor.

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  • Ok, so how do you blog then? You pretty much answered the question why and where you blog with ton loads of self-marketing.

    “…but the thought of earning never really crossed my mind…” don’t be too defensive, if you ain’t earning anything from blogging then you don’t have to explain so…

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