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How I Blog: Rambix

How I Blog: Rambix

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Rambix, Rabble-Rouser, Blogger

I blog not for fame or fortune, but because of a deep, burning passion to expose the mainstream media (MSM) for their hypocritical coverage of crime, criminals, and societal degenerates in general. I’€™m also propelled by a strong sense of justice – real justice, not one-year-in-jail-and-thirty-years-of-probation justice (*actual sentence just handed down in Minnesota to a child molester).


Why am I so driven? Because I care more about the victim than the criminal. Because it bothers me when the MSM suppresses or downplays crime stories in order to protect their liberal urban enclaves. Because a crime news story that tells us to be on the lookout for ‘€œthree young men’€? is not good enough.

The MSM too often favors multiculturalism, moral equivalence, political correctness, and their opinion of what’€™s good for the collective over honest reporting, particularly when it comes to crime.

I run my blog from a conservative perspective, although it has cross-political appeal. Crime knows no political party, right? The difference is that conservatives know what to do about crime, and liberals don’€™t. The bad news is that crime occurs mostly in urban areas, which are uniformly controlled by liberals. This keeps me busy.

I’€™ve always followed the news closely, and had subscribed to the Minneapolis Star Tribune (a.k.a. Red Star) for many years. This particular paper has always leaned left, but in recent years has become an unabashed propaganda piece for Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) urban socialists, the ‘€œalternative lifestyle’€? crowd, and the forces of multiculturalism and political correctness. The latter characteristics impact their crime reporting.

In the spring of 2005, the Uptown area of Minneapolis was plagued by armed robberies by Somali gangsters. I noticed the Red Star downplayed the story and relegated it to the back pages. When it did print some information, it would not print suspect descriptions (In fact, I later documented instances where the paper actually scrubbed suspect descriptions from the police crime alerts for their stories).

Because the armed robberies were a clear and present danger to the public, and because the MSM would not give the public the information it needed, the idea of Rambix and the Red Star was born. Someone had to tell the truth, and I figured it might as well be me.

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Little did I know that my timing was unwittingly fortuitous. The City of Minneapolis was embarking on a sustained descent into violence not seen since the ‘€œMurderapolis’€? days of the mid-1990s. There was no shortage of material.

While doing research for my blog over time I discovered MSM outlets are quite varied in the content they provide, and the way they report crime news. I take pains to point out these differences on my blog.

I don’€™t consider myself a commentator, per se, or an ‘€œexpert’€? of any kind. I consider myself more of an aggregator of crime news, filling the gaping holes left by the MSM. I do give my opinions to the extent that I will say what the MSM won’€™t. I have my own ‘€œstylebook’€? and lexicon that the MSM doesn’€™t, mostly because they can’€™t (or won’€™t), and I can.

We also have an interview with Rambix available, published the day following this ‘How I Blog’ post.

Rambix lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and blogs at Rambix and the Red Star

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  • I have my own blog at sacredpathcoaching/blog and I also am a regular contributor to Ezine I’m a half-way-out-of-the-closet-writer who is a Professional Life Coach. My good friend, Nettie Hartsock knows I love to write ( and is the one who got me to blogging in the first place. She also sends me tips, such as “Why I blog” to get hooked up with, although I must say that I am really, really ignorant because I have no idea how to send y’all “Why I blog” and a photo! Anyway, I love being able to help people through using my Coaching training and experience via the vehicle of writing. How in the world did we all survive before the Blog came about? I have alot to learn, but I have alot to share—so I’m motivated! Thanks for offering this forum. LK

  • I live in Minneapolis and have read the Red Star for way too long; how could I not blog. The oppressive liberal environment and pathetic media of Minnesota has created a very virulent blog community. Few people outside of the Soviet Union can understand the daily punishment the is the Star and Tribune.

  • I live in North Minneapolis and have certainly had my share of confrontation with the crime problem. I know first hand how chaotic it can get as our elected city officials downplay crime and beat around the bush and protect their political capital instead of deal with it head on.

    Rambix does a great service for people in the city of Minneapolis who are aware of his crime blog. Not only for is his honesty in reporting but also by consolidating all the news on the streets from the myriad of sources. I check his blog out almost everyday. If it wasn’t for him, I couldn’t warn my friends who live in formerly safe neighborhoods that they should take precautions. Thanx Rambix!

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