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How John Chow makes Money

How John Chow makes Money

I do enjoy the beginning of each month as its where we see many bloggers post their monthly earnings publicly and then talk about how they earn their income. Generally, I get great new ideas from reading these sorts of post.

One of my favorite “Blog Income Reports” that I read on the first of each month’s is John Chow’s. John is a fairly well known “make money online” blogger who works from a number of locations.

He’s spent most of the last month in China where he’s been able to earn around $32,529 through his blog just in the past month. Or to put this in terms of Chinese pay – this is more than 228 times the average monthly income of a Chinese factory worker.

Pretty impressive!

John breaks down his monthly income for May 2008 as follows:

* Private Ad Sales: $16,380.00
* Affiliate Commissions: $9,757.04
* ReviewMe: $3,000.00
* Text Link Ads: $2,036.22
* Kontera: $1,000.00
* TTZ Media: $329.50
* Subscription: $20.00
* FeedBurner: $6.64
* Grand Total: $32,529.40

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The most impressive thing that John has demonstrated with this post is that you can make this sort of money from anywhere in the world. As John writes in his post:

The secret to making big money from anywhere in the world is to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and then turn that traffic into cash by running as many advertising options as possible while still providing a good user experience. This blog started with only Google AdSense. If I had stuck with that and nothing else, it wouldn’t be making over $1,000 per day. Check out my recommended money makers to see what ad networks I used to produce my blog income.

How are you making money online?

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