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I Hate What I Blog About

I Hate What I Blog About

I was rather stunned when a blogger I’d met at a recent conference told me, “I hate what I blog about. What should I do?”

All I could say as my brain ground to a clattering halt was, “Oh, my.”

Not very profound.

Author William C. Knott was much more profound in his book The Craft of Non-Fiction:

It is almost impossible for the writer to work unless he in in tune with what he is writing. Without this inner willingness, the deadline he sets himself will come and go while he sharpens pencils and postpones that trip to the library.

But even more significant: what the writer finally does write without willingness will not represent him. It will be a tortured amalgam of other influences, of conflicting purposes, and will lack the single indispensable element of all good writing: conviction.

…Unless the writer approaches the subject with enthusiasm and respect, what he produces will be worth little.

What should you do if you hate what you blog about?

Blog Happy

First of all, stop blogging. You are only spewing more waste into the sewers of the blogosphere.

Second, give serious thought to whether or not blogging is your thing. Blogging isn’t for everyone and maybe what makes you unhappy is the blogging part, not the subject matter. There are many ways to enjoy and share your passion, and blogging might not be it.

Third, what is it about blogging that makes you miserable? Is it the blogging? The writing? The hassle of finding things to write about? The comments? The hassles with comments and comment spam? The lack of reader response? The lack of readers?

Or is it really the subject matter that bores you? Before you can find a solution to the problem, you have to boil it down to what is really bothering you about blogging.

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If it is the subject matter that you blog about, then it’s time to make some changes.

Take time, as much as you need, to write to yourself, without publishing the words, describing what it is you would really rather be blogging about. Ask yourself the hard questions and find the even harder answers.

What brings you joy?
What are your hobbies? There is always blogging material there.
What topic starts you talking at parties and won’t let you stop?
What types of media do you watch? What types of television shows, movies, radio, books, or music moves you?
What types of blogs are you constantly draw to? What’s in your feeds?
What do you think about doing when you are doing what you don’t want to do?
What are your dreams? What would you rather be doing if you could be doing anything?

Dig in deep to find what it is that really interests you and explore it thoroughly as a blog topic. Find all the related topics and come up with a list of 25 story ideas to see if there is enough material there that keeps you going.

If you have trouble coming up with 25 story ideas, that’s not the right subject. When you come up with 50 story ideas and can’t stop, you’re on the right path.

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  • Really, that is an astounding statement to make. Maybe he fell in love with the idea of blogging, started without thinking things through, then woke up one morning realising he wasn’t turned on anymore. Gee, sounds like a few girlfriends I’ve had…

  • I understand why it happens, especially if he was a freelance writer, not blogging on a personal blog. We all take jobs on topics we don’t like from time to time because it’s good money. However, a blog is sooo difference than a regular job. If you don’t like your topic, you’ll get burned out very easily. Even if you do like your topic, it is easy to burn out.

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