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Instablogs To Include Outside Blogs In News Flow

Instablogs To Include Outside Blogs In News Flow

instablogs.gifThe news-focused blog network Instablogs, which recently started to tailor content based on where in the world you are (or want to read about), is set to start including content from outside blogs as well. Ankit Maheshwari says so in an interview with BloggerTalks, published today:

We would also be opening our network to external blogs by next month, so that they can also enjoy some of network benefits which includes but are not limited to traffic, ad sales, technology, hardware, and meeting great new people working in similar fields.

This content will be called Instablogs Club, and will expose content from outside Instablogs, inside the network.

Letting outside bloggers into Instablogs will certainly add even more news related content and commentary to the already pretty extensive listings of updates provided. It will also make it easier to keep getting good local content, which is crucial since it never is a good thing to appear being poorly updated. It remains to be seen how this could be used to garner more traffic for blogs.

Ankit also reveals that the next step for Instablogs is releasing mobile tools, so that bloggers can post news from their mobile devices instantaneously.

The next plan is to get on to the mobile devices. News is instant, and you can be present anywhere witnessing something important, what better tool you can have than the cell phone to immediately let the whole world witness it.

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It’ll be interesting to see how that will fare.

Read the complete interview over at BloggerTalks, written by yours truly.

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