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Introduction to the world of Blog Consulting

Introduction to the world of Blog Consulting

A lot of people ask me about my history of flipping websites one of the amazing things about ‘flipping websites’ is that it’s given me amazing experience into building a successful blog, although a lot has changed in the last year or two as far as what it takes to really take things to the next level. I’m going to take you through the process of development to execution on a blog consulting gig since I’m in the middle of starting a new client gig.

The first step I take is to work with the client to find the right web hosting company. In this case the client had multiple accounts and so this was easy. They went with Mediatemple. There are lots of others out there that I can recommend including my personal favorites ASmallOrange
and ModWest.

I then help the client select an amazing domain name. I generally use Instant Domain Search a great service for simple and elegant branding. You might also check out Deleted Domains for some interesting names that have expired that still have back links.

I then install the only blogging software I take into a battle. WordPress, even though I have a love hate relationship with it at times.

Next I setup a Social Media and Blogging Toolkit, this entails setting up accounts at places like Twitter,Digg,Reddit,Tumblr, and the like to help not only engage the social community at large, but to also build strong relevant back links. Being apart of the community conversation is very important IMO.

Next I setup a Gmail account for this project. [email protected] usually does the trick. I then create a set of feeds to listen to in Google Reader. This really helps me develop a feel for the niche I’m consulting in. I”m a blogger, not an expert in every possible field that a client brings to my attention.

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Once I get this out of the way. I can move into the heavy lifting on the site. Stay tuned next week for my next installment on Blog Consulting.

Occassionally I work with the guys at Performancing on projects so if you are interested in Authority Building,Blog Management, or Social Media Optimization head on over and check out Performancing.

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  • It’s merely my personal love/hate relationship. It doesn’t quite do all the things I’d wish it would out of the box. It does 90% however and I spend a few hours per installation getting it just the way I want and then it works flawlessly until the next upgrade cycle.

  • I have three long term clients whose websites are on a modified WordPress install. I don’t even have to try to get them good ranking in Google. In fact, I recently noticed that a blog I have on my old domain name which runs WordPress was ranked number one in Google for “Computer Repair Virginia Beach”, even though I had abandoned it long ago. I put a 301 redirect in .htaccess to redirect it to my new domain name:, which is ranking number one in Yahoo for the same term.

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