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iPhone: Twittelator Pro Makes Tweet Casting Possible (Audio And Video Now Included)

iPhone: Twittelator Pro Makes Tweet Casting Possible (Audio And Video Now Included)

It seems that not a week goes by without something interesting happening within Steve Jobs playground (i.e. the iTunes App store). The same could be said for the numerous twitter apps, especially now with Tweetdeck hitting the scene (which TechCrunch has a glorious review of).

While most Tweet apps like Tweetie, Twitterfon, etc. support image uploading (via services like Twitpic and, Twittelator goes one step further by allowing users to attach an audio message or even video to their tweet, a feature that may not make the mullahs in Iran very happy.

Users who have upgraded to version 3.0 (of both the iPhone OS and Twittelator) will notice the new multimedia button. Upon clicking it, you have the option of recording either an audio sound bite or a video of any length (within reason of course).

Once recorded, Twittelator will attach the media to your tweet by uploading it to either MobyPicture or yFrog (who seem to be fighting it out in the media microblogging space).

Despite the fact that hearing ones horrible voice (especially mine) may not appeal to many Twitterholics on the go, this extra feature may be helpful to those of you loathing the 140 bit sized limits established by our Twitter overlords.

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While overall this is an impressive feature from Twittelator, its only drawback is that users are unable to upload previous audio pieces, which may not be very helpful if you are trying to show the world what your friend sounds like when they are snoring. ;-)

For those of you who prefer a video, Twittelator supports that as well, although you will need an iPhone 3GS for that (a phone this author is trying to save up money for).

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