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Is It Autumn for Your Blog, Too?

Is It Autumn for Your Blog, Too?

Sweeping them up,
Then not sweeping them up –
The falling leaves.


Everybody loves autumn: the smells, the crispness, and the end of summer’s heat. People complain about winter and summer, but nobody seems to mind the coming of fall.

And there’s a lesson in that for bloggers. What is it people enjoy so much about autumn? How could these things apply to the way we manage our blogs?

I’ve raked up a few ideas for your consideration. Like a basketful of colorful leaves, perhaps one or two might stir your imagination:

People love autumn’s bluster. While you needn’t become like one of those loudmouth radio talk show hosts, when is the last time you showed a little bluster on your site? By this, I mean opinion. As bloggers, it’s our natural inclination to be liked, and for our writing to be appreciated. This sometimes leads to writing what we think our leaders want to hear. When is the last time you wrote something you really wanted to say?

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Autumn is a time of harvest. Lorelle has done a wonderful job pointing out the importance of our archives. What better time than fall to bring out a few of the year’s best posts? It’s a great way to pick up some old conversations, or start a few new ones. You might consider writing a new introduction or branding it as a “Best Of” in some way. Check the original article’s comments. Is there anything great from a regular reader? Drop them a note and see if they’d like to make a fresh comment. If it’s been a while, you can resubmit the article to your favorite social bookmarking sites under its new file name.

Autumn is a season of change. With all the vacations, holidays, and outdoor activities of summer, it’s easy to let your blog coast a bit. Fall is an excellent time to freshen up. Add some color in the form of fresh graphics or perhaps even a new template. Prune your blogroll. Plant a few sidebar perennials. Most readers couldn’t care less what sort of software or back-end changes you make to your site, but they certainly notice when you spruce things up in the layout and design. This sort of change communicates an active site — and that translates to more active readers.

Now it’s your turn. What other attributes of autumn might be applied to a website? There are upcoming holidays, get-togethers with friends, a chill in the air … well, you take it from here. Best idea in comments wins a freshly brewed cup of warm cider the next time you’re in Philadelphia …

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  • Autumn is also the perfect time to “celebrate” blogging as a hobby (or as an enterprise), which is why I refer to October as “BLOGTOBER!”

  • Hello David:

    Welcome to the conversation. You do live in a pretty area, it must be lovely there this time of the year! Will you be participating in blog Action Day on October 15?

  • I love Autumn too – not just outside where the leaves are turning and the air is crisper but, as you say, indoors too. It’s a great time for clearing out in one’s blogs as well as in the house!

  • Those are beautiful photos you have at your site. I can see how you love the outdoors. Well, I’m cleaning up my office and that provided inspiration for the post. Thank you for stopping by with us.

  • Hi Valeria — yes, Montana is indeed beautiful — one of the reasons that I consider myself so fortunate to live here!

    Still thinking about Blog Action Day — not too comfortable with this year’s topic. But maybe I can find an appropriate “angle” to incorporate!

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