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Jeremy Wright Steps Down, Elaine Kunda New CEO of b5media

Jeremy Wright Steps Down, Elaine Kunda New CEO of b5media

Jeremy Wright is stepping down as CEO of blog network b5media, effective immediately, according to a press release. The new CEO is Elaine Kunda, presented as an “experienced entrepreneur”.

“Elaine is exactly the right leader for b5media, with her strong leadership and proven ability to lead top performing teams,” said John Albright, managing partner of JLA Ventures.

Kunda herself said this in the press release:

“I believe there is an extraordinary opportunity to create additional value and new possibilities for our customers, partners and employees. The Company has accomplished a great deal in its relatively short history and I look forward to working together to take it to the next level.

Wright will stay on the board of directors, but why do this now, and make it effective immediately?

The answer is the ever so useful personal reasons explanation. Wright said:

I was burned out, unhappy in the work I was doing and looking for something more to life. I’m still exploring what that is, but suffice to say it should involve playing around with projects, family time and consulting… while I figure out what makes me HAPPY.

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He also elaborates in a blog post about where to go from here, and what sparked this decision in the first place. Basically, he wants balance in life, and find his flow again. I’m sure hundreds of hard working entrepreneurs out there can sympathize with that.

And while at it, he also launched netmobs, his “getting shit done agency”. No time like the present huh?

Wright was one of the original b5media founders. It’ll be interesting to see how the blog network will continue to evolve under new leadership.

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  • I never saw this coming. Had a chance to meet with and talk to Jeremy in June at WordCamp Chicago and I didn’t get any indication that something like this was on the horizon. Jeremy is a cool guy and i hope he finds that balance he’s looking for.

  • Quite frankly, it’s about time. Jeremy Wright has done more than anyone else to run this company into the ground, and is one of those idiotic CEO’s who talk a lot about being “passionate” with one hand and with the other hand takes away more and more money from the bloggers who make up the network.

  • And then there was none.

    Best of luck to Jeremy in his future endeavors. I had the chance to catch up with him last year and he looked tired, so this decision doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

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