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Know More Media Closes Shop

Know More Media Closes Shop

Know More Media will be closing its doors as of August 1, according to editor Easton Ellsworth, who confirmed the open letter from b5media’s Jeremy Wright to the KMM bloggers. Still no official announcement on the Know More Media blog though.

Jeremy pitches the KMM bloggers, asking them to join b5media by buying their blogs. It is all very tactful, I think. He also has an offer to the founders.

For the founders, we would like to propose that you let us buy the network. b5media is perhaps the only network in the world that can take over all of your blogs with no fuss, no muss and very little pain for the people who matter in all of this: your bloggers, your staff and your dream.

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This is probably the blog network Jeremy talked about on the AOL cutting payrates discussion.

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  • Thord, this is accurate. Unless something drastic changes in the next few days, the Know More network will be “no more.” The blogs will remain online and the authors may choose to continue to post, but we will no longer be able to pay them. We simply ran out of revenue.

    And that’s okay. Life consists of cycles. Things are born, grow and die, sometimes giving birth to other things. In Know More Media’s case I think it was hugely successful in at least one sense: it furthered the careers of dozens of freelance writers and business experts.

    I’m grateful for all I’ve learned at Know More Media. Going forward I hope to use lessons I’ve learned there to help other people learn what does and maybe doesn’t work in trying to make money online.

    Thanks for following this story.

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