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Minnesota Democrats fear the Blog

Minnesota Democrats fear the Blog

We live in Minnesota. Our company is based just outside of Minneapolis – having moved here from Boston a few years back in order to facillitate my wife’s career. And hell, I can work just about anywhere. So why not in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Minnesota Capital

Politics in this state are interesting. Having lived for a long time in Massachusetts where the Democrats have a virtual stranglehold on everything except the Governor’s office, Minnesota was a relief in that the government was more properly balanced between Democratic and Republican. And, there’s a pretty strong third party in the state as well. After all, Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura governor not too long ago.

One Minnesota blogger though is hoping to change all of that.

Michael Brodkorb runs Minnesota Democrats Exposed, a blog focused on going after the Democrats (also called the DFL or Democrat-Farmers-Laborers party here in Minnesota) and taking politics to them.

Brodkorb has been very successful at this effort, having just outed the DFL Attorney General’s candidate attempt to dig up dirt on the current AG (and candidate for Governor) using a private investigator. Matt Entenza then withdrew from the Attorney General’s race. And that’s just one of his recent exposures.

In a profile of Brodkorb in today’s Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press, his recent scoops are profiled:

He’s earned that status by beating other bloggers and the mainstream media on several stories. Among his scoops, Brodkorb includes revealing that Sen. Mark Dayton would not seek re-election this year, that Democrat Patty Wetterling was considering getting out of the U.S. Senate race to run for the 6th District congressional seat, that DFL businessman Kelly Doran decided to switch from the Senate to the governor’s race and that Keith Ellison, the DFL-endorsed congressional candidate in the 5th District, had past ties to the Louis Farrakhan-led Nation of Islam.

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A second profile, published in Saturday’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune notes that blogs like Brodkorb’s and his progressive counterpart MNPublius have shaken up political coverage in Minnesota:

Without the need for confirmation that hobbles traditional journalists, Brodkorb, Schlough, MNPublius founder Matt Martin and a handful of others have prompted mainstream reporters across the Twin Cities to check their sites regularly and to scramble to create their own.

Of course, all of this success is definately not going to Brodkorb’s head:

Sarah Brodkorb imposed 10 minutes of housework for every post. So between dispatches on the state’s hottest political stories, Brodkorb has been folding laundry, scrubbing dishes and watering the lawn.

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